A Phenomenal Chiropractic Adventure

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Kernville, California — Discipline, it’s a term you’ll hear spoken by nearly every chiropractic warrior. Character, it’s the essence of who we are and it is defined by how we respond to the challenges we face in our daily lives.

We as individuals, express ourselves in so many unique and fabulous ways. As a profession, we are a team, an extreme team, living our lives with passion and taking it to the edge every day.

This weekend we’ll bring you a story of an extreme, hard-core chiropractic athlete. What kind of sport would suit such a chiropractor?

The USARA Championship
This weekend, the United States Adventure Racing Association is holding it’s national championship. The event consists of four person teams competing in a one day (that’s 24 hours) non-stop challenge of body, mind and spirit.

The event is separated into disciplines, and the disciplines in this event include mountain biking, trail running, flat water paddling in kayaks, rappelling down cliffs, night time navigation and a tyrolean traverse. Also included are “mystery events” or other special tests to challenge the event participants.

Representing a passion for life and dedication to chiropractic is Dr. Chriss Sigafoose, along with his team of 3 from Florida, Marie Volkhardt, Tony McEachern, and Pat O’Hara. After competing all year and qualifying for the nationals, Chriss and his team have arrived here in California and are prepared for this intense event.

Just as chiropractic is sweeping the nation (and the planet), so too is the sport of Adventure Racing. Although it is one of those few sports where just completing a race is often considered a victory, the driving factor is the emphasis that is placed on teamwork. Rather than individual achievement, just as it is in our offices and with each other, we climb together and succeed as a team.

All the best to Dr. Chriss and his team this weekend, and all the best to you, a team of dedicated and disciplined chiropractors, staff, spouses, family, friends and folks.

It’s not just completing the race, it’s our team that makes us so great.
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