Buzz People Noticed Yoga Was Popular Too

mikedby Michael Dorausch

I just noticed today someone from Yahoo! found Yoga Topics were growing in popularity.

I blogged about naked yoga last week after I did some keyword research and found a number of funky yoga and massage terms appearing in SERPs. That research was a result of extended searching I was doing related to 1895 chiropractic search terms. Tonight I was visiting a Yahoo! page and saw a buzz article on a similar topic (Yoga, not chiropractic).

According to the article, yoga searchers are in the 35-44 age range and are primarily in the coastal states of New Jersey, New York, Florida, and California. The authors findings suggest most are interested in finding online yoga offerings, teachings, mats, and poses.

With all this increasing popularity in Yoga related searches, someone really clever and smart should see about procuring an easy to spell and remember domain name such as Imagine you owned that? You could clean up selling it to the right person or company.

Valuable domain?

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