Mikedby Michael Dorausch

I just had to tell you about my blue balls (and a Big Red one too)!

I’ve spoken, blogged, written, about running on the beach in Marina del Rey more times than I could find links for. We had the first big rain of the season over the weekend and it’s common that all kinds of cool stuff (and trash) washes up on the beach after such storms.

My dad can be to blame for my oddness of finding stuff, as he turned me on to the concept as a kid. He often reminded me that valuables could be found in all sorts of places, one just had be conscious and aware of opportunities. You may not consider items like rubber blue balls valuable, but that’s fine by me.

I headed out on my 4 times a week beach run yesterday with the intention that I’d come across some fun stuff. I enjoy finding money but on this morning, I was particularly tuned to finding dog toys, no idea why.

Blue Balls on the BeachRunning along the beach about 2 miles in I came across the first blue handball that had washed up onto the shore. My yellow labradors LOVE these balls, and they don’t get all slobbery like tennis balls. I was happy with myself to find the ball and kept moving. A half mile more and I acquired a 2nd blue ball, and this one was a bit cleaner, and a bit more blue. Picked it up, stuck it in my pocket, and kept on running. I reached the jetty and turned back towards home with the balls bouncing in my shorts (not trying to be offensive here, just sharing what was going on). I began giggling and thinking “I’ve got blue balls” while humming the AC/DC tune of similar title.

I don’t know why I do it but it’s frequent that I catch myself thinking “can’t get any better than this” and then it does. A nice 4 foot wave rolled unto the shoreline and dropped a big red “Kong” ball right in front of me. To get this one I had to step a bit into the wave but it was worth the wetness. Could not fit it in my pocket so I ran along with it in my hand. These have got to be the best dog balls of all, they are virtually indestructible. My older lab “Zoey Daisy Love Buttons” will claim this one for her own, no doubt.

Can’t throw the Kong around the house but the others are perfect for that. The post obviously had nothing to do with chiropractic unless I made the stretch and suggested having people show up in the office is like having balls wash up on the beach. For those seeking new people, balls, or other things, make yourself available, and the opportunities arrive.

What a cool place this universe is, at least the parts I’ve experienced.