Referring Patients To Other Chiropractors

By Patrick Bennett, D.C.

Part of a successful chiropractic practice is having a strong network of Chiropractors to be able to refer out to, when needed. Primarily I refer patients to my colleagues when they live to far away to keep on track with their prescribed care plan. The Chiropractor needs to be within close enough of a proximity in which the patient can maximize their care. If a patient is complaining of driving an hour to my office and is only able to get in 1x/week versus the prescribed 3x/week, they are not getting the full benefits of Chiropractic.

Hands on Chiropractic CareI would rather refer the patient to a closer doctor so that they get the care that is essential for them to thrive. This action will not only benefit the patient, but will benefit the profession. As they improve they will spread the word on what is helping them excel… Chiropractic. They will, then, refer their family and friends to Chiropractic, whether that is myself or any other Doctor of Chiropractic around the globe. For this reason I know that when I let go of one patient, by referring them to another Chiropractor, the universe will bless me with 10 more new patients.

Through different Chiropractic associations I am able to refer family and friends of current patients to awesome Chiropractors all over the world. I practice in Los Angeles and have many patients in the entertainment industry that travel all over the world for business. I get calls from my patients saying, “Hey doc, do you know any D.C.’s in Buenos Aires, Chianti, etc?” I look up docs in the ICA directory and pass on the information.

The patients are so thankful and truly place you on a pedestal. The goal here is to serve your patients. And one of these services is providing Chiropractic when you are unable to do so. By incorporating this philosophy into your practice you will not only help your own practice, but more importantly will help Chiropractic on a more global scale.

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Patrick Bennett is a chiropractor practicing chiropractic in Studio City, California. He is well known and loved in his community and is a strong supporter of chiropractic on local, national, and global levels.

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