9 new chiropractic patients keeps me excited

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If you’d been paying any attention to this blog during the past few days you may have noticed that I was in San Francisco for an Internet get together (I don’t dare call it conference) known as WordCamp.

I left my chiropractic office in Los Angeles on Friday night at 7 p.m. and we had just completed a spectacular week. Thanks to my extraordinary staff and worlds greatest patients, I was able to go straight from the office to LAX airport and get on an 8:15 p.m. flight for San Francisco. I love that feeling I get when a week in my chiropractic office just flows like a magnificent river, full of joy and excitement.

Things continued to flow as I was able to board right on the plane without ever having to sit and wait. The flight left early and my shuttle to the Hotel in San Francisco was right outside my arrival gate. The ride went smoothly and I was at the hotel within what seemed like a few minutes. First thing I did when getting into the room was check for an Internet connection and it was all good. I had time to grab a slice of pizza and take a stroll in San Francisco, enjoying the energy of the week.

Saturday came and I was at the event with nearly 400 other computer egghead’s. Some of these guys were serious nerds (I mean that in a good way). The weekend was focused on the continual support of an open-source project known as WordPress, the software that runs this chiropractic blog (originally authored by Matt Mullenweg). It was incredible to experience the amount of dedication, discipline, and camaraderie shared amongst those seeking to improve the WordPress experience, not only for themselves, but for everyone on the planet.

I couldn’t help but think that this event was like the old school chiropractic days of Dynamic Essentials, where people would gather for hours, staying up till 4 o’clock in the morning to discuss the philosophy behind what they do. At WordCamp, you had an event where hundreds of people showed up for no other reason than to support each other. I love sharing in those experiences.

Sunday night in the San Francisco airport was different as I had a few hours before my plane was leaving for Los Angeles. Fortunately I had my laptops, a secure wireless connection, and plenty to do in preparation for the upcoming week. I didn’t arrive home Sunday night until past midnight and I was to be back in the office first thing Monday morning.

I’ll be honest, when my eyes opened Monday morning I was feeling the effects of the weekend, and I practically mumbled through my morning affirmations. I didn’t start the morning out with a bang but I did not forget the plan… two in the morning – two in the afternoon that’s our daily goal for new chiropractic patients. I left for lunch a few minutes past 11:30 a.m. and we had seen three people that were new to our office that morning. During my lunch break I took a nap and did no computer work.

The afternoon came and things began to move like clockwork. It didn’t seem rushed, it didn’t seem calm, it didn’t really feel like anything other than a typical productive afternoon in our chiropractic office. When I was wrapping up for the day my front office manager said “great job Dr. Mike, nine new patients.” I couldn’t help but think that the energy from the weekend, while amongst a group other than chiropractors, had the same affect as a great philosophical chiropractic weekend does.

Energy is energy and dedicated, hard-working, passionate and productive people make use of that energy like no others. I love being a chiropractor!

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  1. I love your enthusiasm! “Energy is energy and dedicated, hard-working, passionate and productive people make use of that energy!” YES! So inspiring! I just wanted to say I was beginning my massage therapy degree as a way of transitioning into chiropractics and if this was something people have heard about. Here’s a link to my massage degree program for those who might be interested:


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