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Planet Chiropractic at WordCamp 2007 San Francisco

I’m heading to WordCamp 2007 in San Francisco!

I know what you are thinking, what in the heck is WordCamp and if it’s a place you go to learn how to spell, or learn how to put together words without creating compound sentences, it’s about time you’re going.

Sorry but that’s not it. WordCamp is for a group of techie people that are all using a blogging software known as WordPress. WordPress is the engine behind this blog section of Planet Chiropractic and that’s primarily why I am going. I’ve been writing increasingly about open-source software and how we’ve been using that software at Planet Chiropractic during the past decade or so. I’ve written about Ubuntu on my Dell and software tools such as Synergy, which are both open source. I’ve also mentioned all our servers run either Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, or RedHat Linux.

A group of people continue to work really hard in developing the blog software known as WordPress. As a result, like millions of others throughout the world, we have the freedom to use that software as our blog backbone. WordPress is the engine behind everything you see here on this page (unless of course you’re reading this in an RSS feed). People working on open source deserve more credit and more support from everyone that’s benefiting from their hard work. Least I can do is buy some drinks.

I’ve had some opportunities to work with wordpress multiuser installs and I can tell that there are some huge potential’s for use in creating multiple user blogs, which could all revolve around a singular theme, or be completely and totally unique from one another. Some educational institutions are making good use if this newer style of WP software.

We’ll be getting get together this Saturday (7-21) and Sunday to go over some WordPress features as a group. There are just shy of 400 people attending and there is a number of speakers that are going to address topics such as podcasting and blogging versus journalism.

What I love about my Internet tech friends is they really know how to get proper nutrition (at least for computer geeks). Take a look at some excerpts from the registration schedule…

Saturday 7/21 Schedule
9:30 AM – Registration and Coffee
12 PM – Sandwich Lunch
Evening – Drinks at TBD location

Sunday 7/22 Schedule
9:30 AM – Registration and Coffee
12 PM – BBQ Lunch

Coffee – Sandwiches – Drinks (hope that means alcohol) – Coffee – Barbecue

Sounds like fun!


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