Bar Camp LA 5 at AOL in Beverly Hills March 1-2, 2008

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

BarCampLA-5 is scheduled for next week, March 1 and 2, 2008, at the AOL Beverly Hills Campus in Los Angeles, California.

I’m looking forward to attending my second Los Angeles based Barcamp (see Barcamp LA 4) and getting reconnected with other tech minded folks in the LA area.

AOL developer Yahoo search marketing photo The March BarCamp 5 is being partially sponsored by Planet Chiropractic, and I’ll be attending the event both days. If I manage to get my post-it note up on the board early enough, I plan to be speaking on blended search and potentials there are for local businesses.

You may be wondering why would a Chiropractic Company be sponsoring a technology-based event. The first obvious reason (obvious for me) is that everyone should have access to a good chiropractor, regardless of where you live. The other reason (the one most of my tech friends know about) is that Planet Chiropractic was built on the philosophy that drives events like BarCamp.

Since our beginnings in the 1990s, we’ve been big supporters of open source, and even bigger beneficiaries. The first server that hosted the early Planet Chiropractic website ran on FreeBSD. We now use a combination of Red Hat Linux servers (for Web applications), Fedora servers (our LA staging server), and Ubuntu desktops (in my office, home office and laptop). I’m also a big advocate of WordPress and other open-source platforms and applications.

So BarCamp is a great place for me to get my geek on and hang out with other like-minded friends. I’ve invited a number of technically minded people to next weekend’s event, and I’m hoping they can all attend. If you’re in the Los Angeles area (even if you have to drive a couple of hundred miles) it’s a trip well worth it.

Here are more details…

Saturday and Sunday, March 1-2, 2008
AOL Beverly Hills Campus
331 N. Maple Dr., Los Angeles, California 90210