Making Mahalo My Home Page

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

About a week ago a friend of mine e-mailed me suggesting I check out a new search engine web site called Mahalo. He wanted to get my opinion on the web site so I checked it out (I always love when friends check out my web site as well).

So I checked out the web site and I thought it was pretty basic. It had a simple and clean layout that was easy on my eyes. I spent a few minutes searching for various terms and then e-mailed my friend back to tell him what I thought.

The next day I thought I’d check the site out again since I really didn’t give it a good going through the first time out. I decided to take a look at the FAQ and to do some searches for terms that are currently popular and see just how good this Mahalo was. (Mahalo is Hawaiian for thank you.)

I did a search for the term “SEO” and Mahalo converted it into the key phrase “Search Engine Optimization” bringing me back groups of results. There was a list of the Mahalo top seven which included a wikipedia link and the typical pages I expected. What I thought was really cool was search result number 7, which was for a site called WebMasterWorld. Not only did Mahalo have a link for that web site, it listed the three latest headlines of posts made to the webmasterworld forum.

Further down the page there was also information listing prominent people in the area of SEO. Names included people such as Bruce Clay, Matt Cutts, Barry Schwartz, and Brett Tabke, among others.

Below that was some information on search engine optimization news which had Google News as the primary source of information. That was followed by some links for search engine optimization blogs, search engine optimization tips and tools, and then search engine optimization conferences.

It was the result on conferences that caused me to pause and got me thinking about these results. I was already pretty much familiar with everything on this page but I began thinking that if I knew nothing about search engine optimization there really was some of the “best of the best” information available for me to check out, all from a single page.

Turns out the human editor that created this page is “Dave,” some guy born in Hawaii and living in Los Angeles. Checking further down on Dave’s page I see that he’s written a whole bunch of search related information for Mahalo. First thing that catches my eye in his list is Googles Picasa. Neat thing about these results are that there is a download Picasa link right at the top of the page, along with a bunch of alternative locations to get the free software.

Today I decided to check out the site again and I was even more impressed than I was yesterday. In fact, it seemed as if the search engine web site had already evolved during the past 48 hours and now the results were even better. I decided to make Mahalo my homepage for at least the next 30 days and I’ll do a follow-up after that time.

According to the web site, Mahalo is the world’s first human powered search engine. It is run by an enthusiastic and energetic group of individuals who crunch through numerous web sites seeking out great search results. Rather than automated machine run search engines, these humans filter out spam and do their best to hand pick the best search results they’ve come up with on any number of search terms.

If you’re looking to check out something that’s fresh and new, send your browser over to