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Google buys FeedBurner RSS Website

Google announced on Friday, June 1st, 2007 that they were purchasing popular RSS Feed website I was excited to hear this news as I believe it will greatly advance the utilization of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) online.

FeedBurner is not an old website, according to whois records, the domain was registered in December of 2003. From what I’ve read Google will be incorporating Adwords into RSS feeds which will open up a number of new opportunities for advertisers and webmasters.

RSS is not only for Blogs and News websites, the XML format is being used in many ways and all sorts of content is being syndicated. One simple example is the classified ad website (Planet Chiropractic Classifieds) which is delivering up to date RSS content (classified ads) to anyone subscribing to the feeds. There are thousands of other examples like this one where a once singular point of entry can now be multiplied many times over, providing much greater access to content.

I was attending a conference in Phoenix, AZ when I heard the news about the announcement. I took a few moments to go over some topics related to the purchase and how it will affect the use of RSS over in the coming year.

Check out the video!
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Not the hottest recording quality but this really is important and exciting stuff, especially if you are the company that was purchased or are developing in the area of RSS.

Planet Chiropractic offers RSS Feeds for our NEWS, CLASSIFIEDS, and this BLOG. Watch for RSS Syndication to be available soon on our Chiropractic Seminars & Events pages. For those interested, a version of our news xml feed is available via FeedBurner (check the news link above to view).


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