Chiropractor Hot Searches July 2007

by Daria Belov

It’s been a hot summer for chiropractic related searches on the Internet. The month of July is nearly over, but the expected drop in website traffic as a result of increased summer activities, has not yet occurred. There’s no telling what will happen in August 2007.

For the month of July 2007, Planet Chiropractic was anticipating a downturn in website traffic since summer is a time many chiropractors throughout the world are on vacation, and they would be less likely to spend much time online. But from the visitor statistics and numbers we’ve seen for the month of July, that just hasn’t been the case. Chiropractors do tend to take more vacations during the summer, so who’s been on the web site and what are they searching for? Let’s take a look.

Number one of the list has been searches for WWE wrestling diva Candace Michelle and her chiropractor husband, Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich. The couple recently opened a second chiropractic office (located in Hollywood, California) and the word has already gone out about their “only in Los Angeles” chiropractic office grand opening.

chiropractors Michael Rick Ken GeeEhrlich and Michael Dorausch (founder of Planet Chiropractic) have been competing in a friendly California Chiropractic Smackdown as both chiropractors have been increasingly appearing on the sets of some of the areas hottest television shows, many of which started filming their new seasons these past two weeks.

(That’s Dorausch, Canadian Chiropractor Rick Rosenberg, and Ehrlich in the photo)

Checking the topic lists I noticed that traffic on the web site for chiropractic jobs and information on chiropractic salaries is red-hot. The full integration of RSS feeds into the classified ads that are posted on the website has resulted in more than 2000 users per day browsing information on Associates and Practices For Sale. We knew adding RSS feeds to the classifieds would be hot, but we did not expect such a sharp increase in traffic in such a short period of time. Thanks to all of you that have subscribed to the free service.

There’s been a significant increase in searches for 2007 summer tour news of Van Halen and Diamond David Lee Roth. While the summer event was postponed it appears now (based on outside news reports) that a Van Halen tour may actually happen this fall. Chiropractors that signed on to be available at tour locations stay tuned, we’ve still got your info.

The other hot topic on the website this month is searches for chiropractic seminars. While everyone else is out there looking for a theater near them, chiropractors are seeking out some continuing education and maybe some summer getaways that they can bring the family to.

No doubt the hottest chiropractic event this summer is going to be at the Biltmore Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona on August 4th and 5th, 2007. First of all it should be about 110 degrees in the Phoenix area, and secondly there will be about 300 chiropractors and office staff gathering from across the United States and Canada for the annual summer fun party, hosted by Arizona chiropractor Dr. Fred Schofield and his wife Susan.

What an interesting mix. Looking across the groups of search terms we have professional wrestlers, rock stars, Playboy cover girls, celebrities, and chiropractors. One may get the idea that chiropractors are prone to having fun. Enjoy your summer and thanks for continuing to check us out! @ 2:04 pm | Article ID: 1185397477