Where is God in Chiropractic?

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

We Chiropractors try to be so politically correct. We don’t like to use the G word in the office. We try not to turn people off if they are not open to talking about God. I find it perplexing that people try to keep their spiritual world and their physical world (their bodies) separate and distinct. Although, have you ever noticed that many hospitals are religiously affiliated and often so named. Talking about God turns a lot of people off because they confuse God with religion. I never talk about religion with patients. To tell you the truth I rarely talk to them about “God”.

Sharon GormanI sometimes talk to them about “innate” when I refer to their bodies ability to heal and to their God within. When they ask me to tell them how long will it be until their symptoms are gone I often tell them that they will feel better in God’s time or should I say natures time? Is that religious? Is that a cop out? I think it is the truth. Even though I don’t talk to them about God very much I am also not willing to lie to them. After all, I move the bone and God does the healing. How long does God take?

So where is God in my practice? God is the reason I practice. I am serving God by serving man. I work hard to quiet my educated so that my “innate” can talk or should I say become apparent to me so that I can live God’s will and not my own. I am so fortunate to be a Chiropractor because I know that with every adjustment I give I am uniting man the physical with man the spiritual. Chiropractic is a very spiritual thing to me, not a religious thing. It is my reason to be. Telling people the importance of living a subluxation free life and delivering the goods is what I am all about.

Do you think my patients know this? Well they know that there is something very special about me and my staff and that we truly, truly love what we do. They know that I am always in a good mood and I am very easy to smile at them and very few of them leave my office without a hug. They know that my office is a safe place where they love to go to, especially the kids. They know that my office delivers the goods and while doing it also provides them with tons of love. They can feel the love from the minute they walk in the door and the CA says hello. They know that there is unconditional love in my office. They know that there is always an extra ear to listen to them and an extra set of arms to give them an extra hug when they need it. They know that we charge them a fair fee. They know that we have office rules and boundaries. They know that there is always room for more people. There is always room for one more, if they bring a friend or loved one. We do our best to express as much God as we can all of the time.

Isn’t that God? I can’t separate God from Chiropractic. I present Chiropractic in such a way that people want to partake in it. I give them as much as they can understand. With some people I can talk about the philosophy of Chiropractic and my philosophy but with most people it appears that I walk the walk more than I talk the talk. As long as I stay connected with my source then they are attracted to me and to my practice. I am the luckiest Chiropractor in the world. God is in this Chiropractor.

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2 thoughts on “Where is God in Chiropractic?”

  1. I was searching on information for “god and chiropractic” because I wanted to know that there are people out there that know that there is undoubtably a connection! I am currently training to become a CA and I really just wanted some support to know that there are others out there that also felt like me which is exactly what you have said in your opening line…most chiropractors feel they have to be politically correct and they do not want to offend people. I love chiropractic and I do not know where God is leading me in my life but I know that I have a place in chiropractic and helping people to understand that your soul and body are connected! It was so exciting to read your blog and know that there is someone out there that feels the same way! Thank you!

  2. I agree that spirituality and health go together, innate intelligence, universal intelligence … however the danger is involving religion and health… spirituality has no face does not exclude other groups includes all life equally and sees the sacred is all things… when we start deitizing as religions do : jesus, krishna, muhamid, my God is better than yours, we am right you are wrong then we are in a destructive fearfull “evil” place… and little good will come from it

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