First Chiropractic Adjustment Video

Some chiropractic humor for the Fourth of July holiday week!

This chiropractic comedy video was filmed in January of 2001 at a hotel in Eatontown, New Jersey. The video features a group of chiropractors and their spouses acting out a skit of the first chiropractic adjustment. This was a long, long time ago, before Harvey Lillard and DD Palmers adjustment in 1895.

If you don’t have a sense of humor it’s a good idea for you to just move along and not watch the video. For those of you OK to have some fun, check out the video, which includes footage of “the first CAT scan”, the first bone scan, and the first chiropractic adjustment. You may want to use the bathroom before you watch the video since some scenes are so funny you may just pee yourself. Some of the camera angles are horrible but this was a surprise event and the camera operator had no idea what to expect. Its over 13 minutes long so have a nice stretch before you sit down to watch.

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I have this video somewhere, will upload when found.
Chiropractors featured in the video include Robert Tarantino, Jay Handt, Jim Dubel, Tony DeMarco, Sam Selimo, and others from the New Beginnings team.

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