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Herniated Discs and Chiropractic Educational Video

The other day I posted a video link of a mini lecture I presented on spinal vertebrae. Using one of those popular plastic spine models, the ones that show four stages of degeneration, I answered some of the questions people ask me all the time in my chiropractic office.

I filmed another video yesterday, and my staff even created a neat 5 x 7 flash card with my office website information on it ( because they love when people say they saw something about us on the Internet.

The video is a real easy to make, and even though I have a fancy & expensive DV video camera, I shot this with a tiny Casio Exilm digital camera that is typically used for photos. Just make sure you have a big memory card in it and you’ll be ready to go.

Video no longer available, will post link or player if it gets posted again.

For any chiropractor watching this video it may seem ridiculously simple. Who doesn’t know which parts of the model represent bone, discs, and spinal nerves? If you been in practice for any length of time, I know you’re not surprised, because people still come to my office every day and say “what this part?” and I say thats a spinal bone, as they look on the inquisitively.

Who needs to pay $500 for chiropractic educational videos when you can get them online for free? Sure, this video is not the greatest and I am speaking like a freight train, but I’m just getting started. 🙂
There are lots of tools available to add videos like this to your website and you’re welcome to add chiropractic videos I create to your website as well. If you have a question of how to do so post a comment here.


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