1998 CREW Chiropractic Panama Mission Video

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

In 1998 CREW (Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide) traveled to Panama for a 2nd Mission Trip. Upon returning home to Los Angeles I began putting together video footage I had captured to promote future mission trips. Video was hosted on Planet Chiropractic as there was no YouTube or any other video sharing site in the 1990’s.

Jamas Sigafoose Panama 1998

Last week I posted news of the 2020 Chiropractic Mission to Panama and I told Lina I would search for videos from the nineteen nineties trips. Last night I located the video I have posted here.

No guarantee it will play on your device as I have not changed the codecs to current standards. It’s playing on my PC and S10+ Samsung phone.

The video features chiropractors from the US and Canada. Most of the footage was created in Panama City. If you have audio you’ll hear the voice of Dr. James Sigafoose saying “when you start adjusting, when you get caught up in this thing…”

Little did I know I’d be “caught up in this thing” for nearly 25 years now.

I wish you peace and love, Michael.