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1998 CREW Chiropractic Panama Mission Video

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

In 1998 CREW (Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide) traveled to Panama for a 2nd Mission Trip. Upon returning home to Los Angeles I began putting together video footage I had captured to promote future mission trips. Video was hosted on Planet Chiropractic as there was no YouTube or any other video sharing site in the 1990’s.

Jamas Sigafoose Panama 1998

Last week I posted news of the 2020 Chiropractic Mission to Panama and I told Lina I would search for videos from the nineteen nineties trips. Last night I located the video I have posted here.

No guarantee it will play on your device as I have not changed the codecs to current standards. It’s playing on my PC and S10+ Samsung phone.

The video features chiropractors from the US and Canada. Most of the footage was created in Panama City. If you have audio you’ll hear the voice of Dr. James Sigafoose saying “when you start adjusting, when you get caught up in this thing…”

Little did I know I’d be “caught up in this thing” for nearly 25 years now.

I wish you peace and love, Michael.

Multimedia Pages at Planet Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

You may be wondering where the heck did all the mp3 files and chiropractic video files go? Most of this content was created in the 1990s and early 2000s and it’s been long overdue for an overhaul. Many of the formats (especially for video) are not compatible with today’s browsers and mobile phones. They won’t be gone forever though, preserving the legacy of chiropractic is too important, and I do intend to get most (if not all) of the content posted in up to date formats. For now, this post will serve as a marker that I will update as content gets added. I am working on audio first, format going forward is mp3, which I expect will be compatible for nearly everyone.

Chiropractic audio can be listened to here or downloaded and loaded onto your mp3 player of choice. I love having chiropractic philosophy (especially from these old school docs) on my phone.

Eventually, I’ll provided links to all the mp3 files that are available for listening/downloading.

UPDATE: The Ian Grassam 1997 post has been updated, a one hour mp3 to listen to or download.

UPDATE: 405 FWY Chiropractor Interview has been updated, see player/download link below.

Chiropractic Podcasting Dr. Mike& Mp3 Playback

Once upon a time, people used dial up modems to listen or watch this content (long before YouTube existed). I had to make files available in a number of formats since almost nobody in 1998 had an mp3 player. Many of the links on this page may not yet be functional, but I will update them so files can be listened to or downloaded.


Mission to Panama – Feb 2004 – The CREW (Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide) 10th Chiropractic mission was completed on February 7th, 2004. In the outdoor lobby of the El Panama Hotel, we interviewed several doctors and individuals that were involved in the mission. There are 3 separate audio files, all in mp3 format. We discussed flow, volume of people adjusted, spiritual aspects of the mission and several other topics. Thank you to everyone that made this experience possible.

CREW February 2004 Interview 1 @ 64k
Running Time: 28.34 minutes

CREW February 2004 Interview 2 @ 64k
Running Time: 24.08 minutes

CREW February 2004 Interview 3 @ 64k
Running Time: 33.17 minutes

405 FWY – Chiropractors on the road – Doctors of chiropractic on the road – This podcast was recorded on Monday, April 3rd, 2006. Three chiropractors (Dr. Don Trepany, Dr. Robert Bates, and myself) were on the way to a chiropractic event in Orange County and I decided to record our conversations. The quality of this recording is not great but there are some good things discussed. Topics discussed include stuck thinking, things to go over on x-rays, why chiropractors fail, taking naps, high volume offices, and more. Both Drs. Rob and Don see lots of people and they had some great answers to my questions. Warning: material may not be suited for some audiences.

The photo above is of Dr. Michael Blum (a great chiropractor in North Hollywood, CA) and Dr. Rob Bates. Aside from my annoying voice (I was closest to the mic) and the background traffic noise, this material is quite inspirational.

Mp3 Download: 405 Chiropractor Interviews MP3 Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 23.47 minutes

Joe AccursoJoe Accurso, D.C. – Dr. Joe Accurso practices in Miami, Florida. Dr. Joe has been in practice for more than 30 years. He is a dedicated chiropractor, and speaks all over the US including regularly speaking on the platform of Dynamic Essentials. Dr. Joe is the founder of the original “Saturday Night Live” philosophy program, which has spread across the U.S. When asked, Joe stated “I want to use my knowledge and experience to help others do a better job.”

Joe Accurso Audio @ 28 & 56k
Joe Accurso Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 21.43 minutes


Fred Schofield, D.C. – Dr. Fred Schofield from Phoenix, Arizona talks to us about Chiropractic, Palmer College, Rugby, and the ADJUSTMENT behind all successful chiropractors.

“If you get your mind right on then all else will follow. You work on your innate, your innate has all the answers in your life. Focus on the flow in your life”

Fred Schofield MP3 Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 22.26 minutes

Stew Bittman, D.C. – Dr. Stew Bittman practices in South Lake Tahoe, California. Stew maintains a “Box” practice and we thought it would be great to ask him some questions regarding this type of practice. Stew occasionally writes articles for Planet Chiropractic and is actively involved in serving the profession, helping other chiropractors through the Gathering.

Stew Bittman Audio @ 28 & 56k
Stew Bittman Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 20.59 minutes

Tina Sigafoose, D.C. – Dr. Tina Sigafoose practices in Thomasville, Pennsylvania. As kids, while some of us were watching bugs bunny cartoons, Tina was doing spinal screenings, helping patients, and steadily becoming a chiropractor. Dr. Tina is an amazing chiropractor, maintains an incredible practice and has a great message for you.

Tina Sigafoose Audio @ 28 & 56k
Tina Sigafoose Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 27.49 minutes

Charla Quiropractica (Video) – This 30 minute video features Dr. Luis Ocon conducting a health talk at his office in Salinas, California. The talk is entirely in Spanish. Currently, you can only view this video using your RealPlayer and you must have at least a DSL or cable connection.

Charla Quiropractica @ 100 – 700K
Running Time: 30.07 minutes

Missions to Panama (Video) – This video is from the third CREW chiropractic mission to Panama. “When you start adjusting, when you get caught up in this thing, your going to find that as you move from person to person and you get to about the 100th or the 200th or maybe even the 300th person…”

Panama Mission III @ 250k
Running Time: 6.40 minutes

Mission of Chiropractic Intro (Video) – This video clip is an intro to Dr. Stew Bittmans “Mission of Chiropractic” video. It features a 5 minute photo display from the third CREW chiropractic mission to Panama and then fades into Dr. Stews health talk.

Intro to Mission of Chiropractic @ 250k
Running Time: 11.43 minutes

Douglas Di Siena at the Crystal Cathedral (Video) – Featuring Douglas Di Siena D.C., F.I.C.A., co-author of the book “Possibility Living” and Dr. Robert Anthony Schuller of the worldwide televised program titled the Hour of Power.

Millions of viewers across the globe tuned in to watch the program that featured two very moving chiropractic testimonials by these gentlemen. Dr. Doug stated that he felt it was “God’s Plan” that he became a chiropractor.

Crystal Cathedral Video @ 200k
Running Time: 6.31 minutes

Sharon Gorman, D.C. – Dr. Sharon Gorman introduces us to the FOCUS Chiropractic Philosophy Weekend in Newport Beach, California.

“Take the bone off the nerve and get out of the way so God can do the healing. The adjustment is so simple but for some reason the challenge in chiropractic is not about giving the adjustment. You are all going to figure out how to move the bone. The ones that are most successful are the ones that can share chiropractic with people in such a way that it motivates them into becoming lifetime patients.”

Sharon Gorman MP3 Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 36.32 minutes

Steven Eledge, D.C. – Dr. Steven Eledge was the second speaker of the day at the FOCUS Chiropractic Philosophy Weekend in Newport Beach, California.

“We should not be building bridges, we should be building walls. That old adage that we have to build bridges really has nothing to do with principle or patients, or caring, or God.”

Steve Eledge MP3 Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 18.23 minutes

Bruce Parker, D.C. – Dr. Bruce Parker speaks at the FOCUS Chiropractic Philosophy Weekend in Newport Beach, California.

“What I found out was that anything on this planet can be communicated with intention.”

Bruce Parker Part 1 ASF Audio @ 28 & 56k
Bruce Parker Part 2 ASF Audio @ 28 & 56k
Running Time: 18.54 minutes
Running Time: 35.05 minutes

Ernie Landi, D.C. – Dr. Ernie Landi recorded live on October 6th in Eatontown, NJ at a New Beginnings Philosophy Weekend.

“Most of you think you are going to live forever. If you didn’t think that you’d be out there telling the story right now because time is of the essence. Stop fooling yourself, we have a big job to do. Take a stand, take a stand for something, something worthwhile. Communicate this message of chiropractic to the world.” – Dr. Ernie

Ernie Landi Audio @ 28 & 56k
Ernie Landi Audio @ 128k
Running Time: 16.13 minutes

Lou Panuccio, D.C. – “Perhaps within a short driving distance of this hotel there are probably at least a couple of hundred chiropractors who are confused, have no identity, who are failing in practice, and so desperately need what we are talking about here.” – Dr. Lou

Lou Panuccio Audio @ 28 & 56k
Lou Panuccio Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 27.33 minutes

Dean Sottile, D.C. – Recorded in May of 2001 at a Focus Chiropractic Philosophy Weekend, Dr. Dean Sottile shares his message of chiropractic with all that will listen. “Put your faith in God and not in man.”

Dean Sottile Audio @ 28 & 56k
Dean Sottile Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 22.13 minutes

Shawn Powers, D.C. – Recorded in January of 2001. Dr. Shawn Powers takes the stage to share the message of having a never ending commitment to chiropractic. Get ready to get out of your seat for this one. Turn it on and turn it up!

Shawn Powers Audio @ 28 & 56k
Shawn Powers Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 49.06 minutes

Ian Grassam, D.C. – In January of 1997, Dr. Ian Grassam spoke to a group of students at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California. In his talk Dr. Grassam asks students… “At what part in your life do you think it gets easy?”
Ian’s message is powerful and can now be listened to by every chiropractic student on the planet.

Ian Grassam Audio @ 28 & 56k
Ian Grassam Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 25.44 minutes

Sharon Gorman, D.C. – Thanks to the giving spirit at New Beginnings, we are happy to bring you streaming audio recorded at the September 2000 New Beginnings Philosophy Weekend in Eatontown, New Jersey.

During this 17 minute audio clip, Dr. Sharon talks to use about her kids, her patients, and chiropractic. Do people need to have an excuse in order to be adjusted?

Sharon Gorman Audio @ 28 & 56k
Sharon Gorman Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 17.44 minutes

Bob Tarantino, D.C. – This audio segment was also recorded at the September 2000 New Beginnings Philosophy Weekend in Eatontown, New Jersey.

“The practice of chiropractic cannot be restricted to the physical correction of the vertebral subluxation. It must emphasize the education to a different way of thinking, perpetuating the inside-out philosophy that will ultimately change the world.”

Bob Tarantino Audio @ 28 & 56k
Bob Tarantino Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 13.11 minutes

Danita Thomas Heagy, D.C. – Spend a few minutes with one of the world’s greatest chiropractors.

Dr. Danita talks about “being all you can be.” She shares her story about how she became a chiropractor and what lessons she learned along the way to becoming a DC. She also shares some other important words of wisdom. A must listen message for chiropractic students.

Danita Thomas Heagy Audio @ 28k
Danita Thomas Heagy Audio @ 56k
Running Time: 6.57 minutes

James Sigafoose, D.C. – Recorded live in York, Pennsylvania and digitally mastered. An excellent chiropractic talk.

“There is an attitude about health in this country that medicine and drugs, or drugs I should say, and surgery, is the answer to health. I’m going to tell you tonight, or this afternoon, that that’s not true. Now for some of you that is going to sting a little bit. But that’s the way it will have to be.”

Sigafoose Audio @ 28 & 56k
Running Time: 31.54 minutes

Reggie Gold, D.C. – Recorded in Orange County, California in December of 2000.

What are you going to do next year to make you a better chiropractor than you were this year? If you can decide that, we have moved everything forward. If you don’t decide that… then, very easily your going to get up next year, your going to do the same damn thing and your going to say “well I’m helping my community” and it’s true, “I’m a good chiropractor” and it’s true. But you could be better.

Reggie Gold Audio @ 28 & 56k
Reggie Gold Audio @ 300k
Running Time: 22.12 minutes


Thanksgiving Recipes Side Dish Videos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

7 videos of Thanksgiving side dish recipes to spark your taste buds for Thanksgiving 2008.

It’s that time of year, November 2008, and Thanksgiving is almost here. We already ordered our organic free range Turkey from Whole Foods in Venice Beach, California and I’ve been doing some searches for tasty Thanksgiving side dishes like cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie. I found myself watching a lot more videos versus just finding and downloading Thanksgiving side dish recipes. I figured why not post those videos here (at least I’d have them for Thanksgiving 2009) and maybe save you some time in your recipe searching.

Cranberry Chutney
I like the chefs accent in this video. Neat when he says “it’s a lot more better” with the different kinds of flavors. The video is about 5 1/2 minutes long and he gives a good presentation on cooking up cranberry chutney.

Cornbread Stuffing
This video features Martha Stewart making cornbread stuffing using the popular POM brand pomegranate juice. I’ve seen POM juice sold at Costco, and it should be available in markets near you. I love cornbread and I love pomegranates so this recipe video really appealed to me.

Dark Cornbread Stuffing
Here’s another video featuring Martha Stewart and a cornbread stuffing recipe that’s a combination of a New England grandmother, a Pennsylvania Dutch, and a Southern mother, all mixed together. The stuffing recipe includes Italian sausage, yummy.

Cranberry Sauce
This “Best Cranberry Sauce Recipe for the Holidays” features Katie Stiles from Before and After TV with her friend Antonio cooking up a very delicious looking cranberry sauce. Antonio goes through washing the cranberries, putting them into the pot, adding brown sugar, orange juice, and other ingredients. Check out the video, its tangy and makes your mouth water.

Candied Yams
In this brief video a chef from San Francisco covers the basics on cooking candied yams. He demonstrates the wrapping of the sweet potatoes in foil, reminds us to pierce them with a fork (watch those hands), and demonstrates putting them in a 425 degree oven for about one hour. Watching all these Thanksgiving recipe videos is sure making me hungry.

Lime and Chipotle Glazed Sweet Potatoes
The video above shows the kind of sweet potato side dish I’d expect to see made in Southern California or Texas. The zesty lime and chipotle glazed dish looks scrumptious. The video is about five minutes long and the chef goes through the process of adding lime, smoked jalapeno powder, salt, olive oil, and other ingredients. Looks like a very simple recipe, needing only a few ingredients, and it makes an awesome side dish.

Chocolate Cheesecake
I saved his video for last because I’ll probably go into a food coma just watching it. It’s not Pumpkin Cheesecake but the “How to Make Delicious Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe” is a must watch. The chef demonstrates the “whacking into submission” of graham crackers (watch those fingers) create the base. Chocolate and butter is also added for sheer decadence. According to the chef, “sooner or later everything gives way to chocolate”. From the group or videos, this definitely appears to be the most difficult to make. Fortunately for me, there is a Cheesecake Factory in Marina del Rey, which is walking distance from my house.

There are your 7 Thanksgiving side dish recipe videos. If you have a link to a Thanksgiving side dish or want to share a recipe video, post a link to the comments and I’ll approve it after weeding out any potential spam.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor TED Talk

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor says “we are the life force power of the universe.” More than 10 years ago Jill had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: On December 10 of 1996, she realized she was having a massive stroke. A blood vessel had exploded in the left half of her brain, and in the course of four hours she experienced her brain completely deteriorate in its ability to process all information.

Watch this stunning 18 minute video in which Jill Taylor shares her experience. The last few minutes are the most inspirational.

The video was recorded at a TED conference (Inspired talks by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers). TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become ever broader.

Bill Maher and His New Rule on Big Pharma and Health-Care [video]

A video clip of Bill Maher and his thoughts on America’s pharmaceutical industry.

If you believe you need to take all the pills the pharmaceutical industry says you do, then you’re already on drugs.

Bill Maher talks about that time in the campaign where all the candidates are presenting their health care proposals. In the video Maher states… But none of the plans address the real problem. We won’t stop being sick, unless we stop making ourselves sick.

The government isn’t your nanny… this guy is funny. Check out the video and pass it on to a friend.

Video of LA Chiropractor Goes Web 2.0 Viral

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A few weeks ago someone contacted me to let me know that a chiropractic adjusting video, which was filmed during a lunch break in my LA office, was featured on the homepage of a social networking business website. Take a look at the screenshot below and then we’ll talk about it.

viral chiropractic video What you see above is a screenshot I took on the homepage of a Seattle-based social networking web site. The image links directly to the video, which is hosted at Google video, if you are interested in watching it. Basically what happened is that this social networking site is a place for business owners to upload a video presentation of themselves. I didn’t have a video presentation of just myself as a business owner so I included the above video as a placement until I put something else together.The video and audio is not of the greatest quality but it does show a demonstration of what someone could expect when receiving a chiropractic adjustment. The video was filmed using a Casio EXILIM 10.1 megapixel camera and there were no edits except for adding my chiropractic office URL at the beginning of the video. So there’s nothing fancy about the peace it’s been receiving quite a bit of attention.

I spoke to the CEO of the social networking site this morning and he told me they received a number of e-mails regarding the video, resulting in it remaining on the homepage throughout the weekend. People thought it was entertaining and educational and I ended up getting contacted directly by some of the viewers.

The point that I’m trying to make is that it’s rather easy to put together a video like this and get it online, to promote any business, not just a chiropractic office. There is software on both the Macintosh platform and the Windows XP and Vista platforms which makes this task rather easy.

Sure it would be great if I had a professionally done high quality video but I’m finding it’s more important to get out there then it is to be perfect. If you’re wondering if it’s possible to drive business to one’s office using techniques such as this, my experienced answer is yes. I had another video that is still appearing online which has resulted in people calling for a chiropractor in the Los Angeles area. More on that story later.

First Chiropractic Adjustment Video

Some chiropractic humor for the Fourth of July holiday week!

This chiropractic comedy video was filmed in January of 2001 at a hotel in Eatontown, New Jersey. The video features a group of chiropractors and their spouses acting out a skit of the first chiropractic adjustment. This was a long, long time ago, before Harvey Lillard and DD Palmers adjustment in 1895.

If you don’t have a sense of humor it’s a good idea for you to just move along and not watch the video. For those of you OK to have some fun, check out the video, which includes footage of “the first CAT scan”, the first bone scan, and the first chiropractic adjustment. You may want to use the bathroom before you watch the video since some scenes are so funny you may just pee yourself. Some of the camera angles are horrible but this was a surprise event and the camera operator had no idea what to expect. Its over 13 minutes long so have a nice stretch before you sit down to watch.

If you click through to Google Video, please vote for this VIDEO so we can know whether to upload others!

I have this video somewhere, will upload when found.
Chiropractors featured in the video include Robert Tarantino, Jay Handt, Jim Dubel, Tony DeMarco, Sam Selimo, and others from the New Beginnings team.

Toggle Recoil Chiropractic Adjustment

I shot this video clip at a Dynamic Essentials seminar back in the late 1990s. It’s a quick 28 second clip of a chiropractor adjusting another chiropractor using a drop headpiece. Notice how relaxed the person getting adjusted is and how quick the chiropractor makes the adjustment. How long should an adjustment take anyway?

Once upon a time there was a video here. If I ever locate it’s source I will upload it and add a link.

Thank you to the chiropractors that allowed me to capture this video clip. Check it out and pass it on!

Chiropractic Adjustment in Los Angeles Office

This chiropractic video was filmed in January of 2006. It features a young woman getting adjusted on a Lloyd 402 Thompson-like drop table. In the video we go through a functional leg check, do some drop table adjusting, and some hands-on diversified style chiropractic adjustments. The video was originally posted as a plug for my ADIO chiropractic office in Los Angeles. Checking it a year later I noticed it’s been viewed over 7000 times. Two weeks ago we had a new patient from New York that said he viewed that particular video sometime last year and that’s how he knew to seek out our office when he was in California.

I urge you to watch this video (and to vote on it if you click through to Google) even if you’re just a chiropractor looking for ideas on how to promote your practice.

No longer Available, will post link if I ever upload this again.

Have a healthy day and keep being fantastic!

Taking Chiropractic X-Rays Of the Cervical Spine

Do you know what I would’ve paid to have access to demonstrations on how to take chiropractic x-rays when I was in chiropractic College? As far as I can remember, things like that did just not exist.

As students, we had to visit chiropractic offices, observe in chiropractic clinics, and sit in classrooms listening to lectures if we wanted to get any of this information. With technology advancing the way it is the ability to display and distribute video online is getting almost as easy as a cut-and-paste procedure.

Today I shot a simple video that took only a few minutes featuring me demonstrating how to set a person up for an AP (anterior posterior) cervical spine x-ray taken at 40 inches. I went over some basics like how to load the Bucky, how to position the cassette, where to place your markers, proper collimation, and proper patient position. Looking at the video later (I couldn’t see myself while doing it) I must admit I set myself up for an excellent x-ray that would nicely show my atlas and axis on a film.

Lots of us take this stuff for granted but millions have never had the opportunity to learn this information. Here it is, my first x-ray demonstration video ever…. drumroll….

Video no longer hosted. Will post link here if it becomes available again.

Want to include videos like this on your chiropractic website? I’ll be creating a document that will demonstrate on how you can add video using simple cut and paste procedures. Have a spectacular day!