Chiropractic Adjustment in Los Angeles Office

This chiropractic video was filmed in January of 2006. It features a young woman getting adjusted on a Lloyd 402 Thompson-like drop table. In the video we go through a functional leg check, do some drop table adjusting, and some hands-on diversified style chiropractic adjustments. The video was originally posted as a plug for my ADIO chiropractic office in Los Angeles. Checking it a year later I noticed it’s been viewed over 7000 times. Two weeks ago we had a new patient from New York that said he viewed that particular video sometime last year and that’s how he knew to seek out our office when he was in California.

I urge you to watch this video (and to vote on it if you click through to Google) even if you’re just a chiropractor looking for ideas on how to promote your practice.

No longer Available, will post link if I ever upload this again.

Have a healthy day and keep being fantastic!