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Taking Chiropractic X-Rays Of the Cervical Spine

Do you know what I would’ve paid to have access to demonstrations on how to take chiropractic x-rays when I was in chiropractic College? As far as I can remember, things like that did just not exist.

As students, we had to visit chiropractic offices, observe in chiropractic clinics, and sit in classrooms listening to lectures if we wanted to get any of this information. With technology advancing the way it is the ability to display and distribute video online is getting almost as easy as a cut-and-paste procedure.

Today I shot a simple video that took only a few minutes featuring me demonstrating how to set a person up for an AP (anterior posterior) cervical spine x-ray taken at 40 inches. I went over some basics like how to load the Bucky, how to position the cassette, where to place your markers, proper collimation, and proper patient position. Looking at the video later (I couldn’t see myself while doing it) I must admit I set myself up for an excellent x-ray that would nicely show my atlas and axis on a film.

Lots of us take this stuff for granted but millions have never had the opportunity to learn this information. Here it is, my first x-ray demonstration video ever…. drumroll….

Video no longer hosted. Will post link here if it becomes available again.

Want to include videos like this on your chiropractic website? I’ll be creating a document that will demonstrate on how you can add video using simple cut and paste procedures. Have a spectacular day!


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