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Humanitarian Chiropractic Mission to Panama June 2020

Kids in Panama

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There’s likely no topic I’ve covered more on Planet Chiropractic than CREW Missions to Panama. I’m very excited to be sharing the following information from Lina, Craig, and Stew.

Kids in Panama

22-28 June


You’ve heard so much about Panama Mission trips over the years, so now is the time to stop observing history, and be a part of making it.

CREW (Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide) in alliance with Life West, The office of the First Lady of Panama, & the Ministry of Health and Fundacion Omar Alfanno have set dates for the next Humanitarian Chiropractic Mission to Panama for June 20-28, 2020.

During the 3rd mission in 1998, 147 DCs served 385,000 patients, and the next in 1999 with 73 DCs a full 175,000. It will be the first time since then that we will cover the entire country. We are looking to bring the same energy in 2020 by having a highly motivated group of 250 chiropractors.


  1. The mission is only available to registered DCs (local legalities). You will need to have graduated from an accredited Chiropractic College and must be able to show a copy of your diploma / degree OR your current practice license.
  2. Your completed registration along with fee must be received no later than April 15. We have created an online form with integrated Paypal. Only when the Paypal transaction is complete is your registration complete. Once processing begins (ie after April 15) there can be no refund or transfer of registration fees.
  3. You are responsible for arranging & paying for your flights to Panama City, to arrive latest June 20th, and depart earliest June 28th. There will also be additional hotel / meal costs which will be confirmed as soon as possible. You are responsible for arranging a travel visa if required for your nationality.
  4. All DCs are required to adjusted upper cervical in a normal chair. There are no other techniques or adjusting tables suitable.

Don’t be the one who wished they had been there, JOIN US!


  1. Decide that you are ready to serve and complete your registration ASAP
  2. If you‘re not already a member ask to join the FB group “CREW Panama”, we won‘t add you until you have completed step 1
  3. As soon as you’re ready, book your flights according to our information and using this form forward that to us asap.

NOTE: you should all know this already, but there is a reason we write it. Ensure that the [email protected] is added to your favourites and our emails not landing in junk. For ease of communication PLEASE once you have started an email thread, try to keep that going rather than creating a new email every time. Remember we are coordinating up to 250 people, help make our life easy.


There is a long history of wonderful things happening in Panama, and we welcome the chance to return and bring a wealth of experience to the people of Panama. Chiropractors will be sent to all 10 provinces and each group will likely have quite different experiences. There will be groups in cities, small towns, and local villages. Some will be in a hotel the entire week, others may be on stretchers in huts. DCs will be in service from Monday to Friday, and typically from 9am-3pm.


The registration requirements set by Panama means that only registered DCs may participate. It’s always great having keen student participating but the government sets the rules on this one.


The registration form link is here, please remember that we will be looking to coordinate up to 250 DCs, so ensure you complete the form correctly, and pay attention to ongoing notices and information. To streamline the process we’ve created an entirely online registration, since we can then collate all information without copious emails to track down. If you are a DC couple please indicate on your forms as we try to keep couples together unless you have no particular preference. We have found through experience that the best energy happens also when the tour groups are not selected based on friendship or special request, we tend to select groups on a somewhat energetic / innate basis.

If you wish to bring partners / family then we ask you to first consider the following

  • our expectation is that you are there to serve, not to be on a family holiday
  • You will need to cover all extra costs
  • If the children are of childcare age, then you must arrange that yourself at your cost. We will not offer assistance to get this organised, we have enough to do. Otherwise generally the older the child the better
    With these criteria met, having a family along can be an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone. Otherwise however, the reality is that a mission is not necessarily the best environment to have your family along, so please consider carefully before deciding to do so.


Transfers to / from the airport and the hotel will be arranged for the 20th and 28th only, therefore as soon as you have booked your fares we require this information. There is a separate online form for you to use to send us this information, you’ll find it here.

If you decide to arrive prior to the Saturday 20th or stay after Sunday 28th then you will need to make all of your own arrangements regarding accommodation and airport transfers. Uber is freely available in Panama City so it might pay to ensure you have this on your cell/mobile phone for private trips. Sunday 21st and Saturday 27th will be necessary travel days for some, therefore your arrival should be 20th latest, earliest departure 28th.


One registration form per DC please. Each submission is set so that the complete registration fee must be paid, so do not combine payments on one registration submission. Your fee will cover t-shirts (likely 3), transport costs (there will be internal flights / busses etc) depending on what part of the country you are serving in. It will also cover some of the food costs at the ‚base‘ Hotel. However you will need to budget for additional costs, and these will vary depending on your location. Water and lunches will be provided during your service.


If you’ve heard about the Panama missions, but especially if not, it’s useful to recall that early on there were no clear guidelines on how to adjust, but after a short few hours a group decision was reached where everyone was to adjust upper cervical chair, and nothing else. That tradition remained solid for every mission since and will continue in 2020. It is likely the reason for the amazing healings and miracle stories that have come out of Panama. If you’ve been on a mission where every DC is doing something different, you’ve likely seen how energetically disruptive this can be. On a practical note, there simply is not the possibility to have any type of adjusting table available, especially for the number of DCs we expect to participate. So if you can adjust, with your hands (not activator), in the chair, then we welcome your registration. This is a structural adjusting mission trip. Alternatives to this are unfortunately not possible in Panama, so you should consider some of the other amazing missions trips around the world that do cater for more diverse adjusting environments.


The primary avenues of communication will be email and the CREW Panama facebook page. It will be your responsibility to stay up to date with information. This applies especially to those of you who are not so inclined to use FB, Ultimately if you do not then you may miss out. It‘s important to realise how challenging it is to organise such a venture, and your cooperation is essential.

If you‘ve made it through to here, awesome! We expect to see you in Panama! If you know for certain, please complete your registration early rather than last minute, and also share this information amongst your colleague so that everyone has the opportunity to join.

The sooner we receive registrations the sooner we can confirm with the government what regions we can visit, with hotels to get better rates, and with the universe to serve more people, so please don‘t delay.


Lina, Craig & Stew


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