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New Health Plan Features Chiropractic

By Steven Visentin, D.C.

A new comprehensive healthcare bill that utilizes chiropractic fully is being proposed by the current administration. The plan features an $87,000 per month set-aside for every qualified doctor of chiropractic to provide for care for Americans who are in the country legally. President Trump called this a “phenomenal” health plan that would make the Republican Party “the party of healthcare.”

“To improve the nation’s healthcare system we must go beyond the limited thinking of failed programs of the past, most notably Obamacare” said Kelly Anne Conway in a recent news interview in front of the White House. She outlined a new plan to loosen insurance regulations, eliminate unnecessary paperwork, and reduce over-reliance on pharmaceuticals. Most of all she affirmed “the body is a self-healing system and doctors of chiropractic are most qualified to spearhead the current administration’s efforts to reduce costs of inpatient care and increasing drug prices.”

planet chiropractic spinal demonstration

When asked specifically about the $87,000 per month for each chiropractor she stated: “Do the math! This would create a dramatic reduction in healthcare costs of at least 57%. The average family of four now spends over $28,000 per year on healthcare, and much of these expenditures are for administrative costs and inefficiencies of the current broken system. Fully engaging each doctor of chiropractic will prevent people from getting sick in the first place.”

Nancy Pelosi has already stated her opposition to the proposed measure: “Every chiropractor will become a millionaire overnight. The proposed plan does not include the most popular parts of Obamacare such as coverage of pre-existing medical conditions. There is nothing new in this plan for citizens who require medical care and are struggling to pay for it.”

Supporters of the new plan, including the Blue Ribbon Committee for healthcare reform feel that overturning the Affordable Care Act and creating a new health plan based on the body’s inherent self-healing powers is a conservative approach with practical advantages. Committee Chairman, Dr. Steven Visentin, a Denver chiropractor, stated, “Executive action is still pending for this new proposal, but we are optimistic the new plan will offer a dramatic cost reduction in the country’s bloated healthcare budget. National healthcare expenditures are over 3.5 trillion dollars a year. Polls show the public is very focused on health costs and consumers are tired of paying for pharmaceuticals and expensive insurance based programs. Although this “big idea” is not typically associated with the G.O.P., we feel it’s certainly viable and will eventually gain support of the President’s National Economic Council and Capitol Hill Republicans who want to avoid a repeat of the Affordable Care Act.”

The White House faces a dilemma. This new plan will certainly become a lightning rod for Democratic hopefuls in the next election. Critics point out the lack of consumer protections, requirements for Medicaid, and specific wording about what the new package includes. Shawn Breminger, M.D., PhD, Associate Director of Federal Relations and the Liberal Families USA Advocacy Group stated: “If our healthcare system focused on keeping the well from becoming sick, we’d have an economic disaster. Many hospitals would have to close as their beds emptied. Surgeons would be forced into early retirement due to less need for surgeries. The pharmaceutical industry would be decimated, as people find a better way to be healthy. Thousands of healthcare workers would lose their jobs. We simply can’t afford to change.”

As we approach the election, progressives like Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will champion the “Medicare For All” program. Joe Biden wants to “fix the Affordable Care Act” and make insurance more affordable. Republicans will have to have an alternative measure with popular support. Is this it, or is this just another April fool’s joke? April fools!

Dr. Steven Visentin, a 1982 graduate of the National College of Chiropractic is a Denver chiropractor and clinic director of Care Chiropractic. He’s an author, accomplished public speaker and is available for corporate events, training seminars, and other group functions, as well as private consultations on a limited basis.

Classic CREW Chiropractic Photos from Panama Missions

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’ve been searching through old hard drives since Lina told me about plans for a 2020 CREW Chiropractic Mission to Panama. I have found hundreds of photographs dating back as early as the 1997 CREW Mission. I can remember like it was yesterday, meeting Lina at an ICA Chiropractic event in Orange County, and hearing about her mission to bring Chiropractic to Panama.

Dick Santo CREW 1998

To some, the photo above may appear rather ordinary (as many of the photos may). Dick Santo was beyond being a great chiropractor, he was Chiropractic, it flowed through his entire being.

There’s a language (a universal language) communicated by all beings. The more we can quite our minds, the easier this communication can be spoken. Meditate on this image and see what’s not seen.

Paula Hedglon Panama 1998

Dr. Paula Hedglon is in the above photo, she is a magnetic and loving being. I was a young chiropractor among giants like Paula, who’s dedication for service in teaching the Chiropractic Lifestyle, is near indescribable.

Sigafoose Panama CREW 2000

The ever smiling James (Siggy) Sigafoose, my roommate on several mission trips to Panama (and Costa Rica). At the time, I knew I was in the presence of greatness (with all of these chiropractors). Looking back, this was a chapter in my life that would light the path for walking in faith.

Michael Dorausch Panama adjusting kids 2002

That’s me (Michael Dorausch) in 2002, adjusting kids in a gymnasium.

True Story: The week before I was having my office painted (March 2017) I was experiencing anxiousness in having a wall of Panama Mission photos taken down in my hallway.

About the day before the photos came down a young man was in my office as a new patient. He told me he’d been adjusted as a kid (as so many new patients have). He was in my hallway after the adjustment calling his mother… in Panama. When I came into the hall he looked at me, at the photos, and back at me. He thought out loud how unfathomable the odds were that he’d be standing in my office so many years later.

Stew Bittman adjusting Costa Rica

Stew Bittman (shown above adjusting while on a CREW Mission in Costa Rica) has had a significant influence on my life (and the lives of many) and practice. For me, watching Stew adjust was like a kid watching his older brother on the playground (the playground of life). He is also eloquent with his words, authoring numerous articles in the early days of Planet Chiropractic. I found a post he wrote to his fellow missionaries after returning from the Costa Rica CREW mission.

I’m incredibly thankful to the multitudes of beings that I’ve encountered on these chiropractic missions, blessings to you all.

1998 CREW Chiropractic Panama Mission Video

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

In 1998 CREW (Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide) traveled to Panama for a 2nd Mission Trip. Upon returning home to Los Angeles I began putting together video footage I had captured to promote future mission trips. Video was hosted on Planet Chiropractic as there was no YouTube or any other video sharing site in the 1990’s.

Jamas Sigafoose Panama 1998

Last week I posted news of the 2020 Chiropractic Mission to Panama and I told Lina I would search for videos from the nineteen nineties trips. Last night I located the video I have posted here.

No guarantee it will play on your device as I have not changed the codecs to current standards. It’s playing on my PC and S10+ Samsung phone.

The video features chiropractors from the US and Canada. Most of the footage was created in Panama City. If you have audio you’ll hear the voice of Dr. James Sigafoose saying “when you start adjusting, when you get caught up in this thing…”

Little did I know I’d be “caught up in this thing” for nearly 25 years now.

I wish you peace and love, Michael.

Humanitarian Chiropractic Mission to Panama June 2020

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There’s likely no topic I’ve covered more on Planet Chiropractic than CREW Missions to Panama. I’m very excited to be sharing the following information from Lina, Craig, and Stew.

Kids in Panama

22-28 June


You’ve heard so much about Panama Mission trips over the years, so now is the time to stop observing history, and be a part of making it.

CREW (Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide) in alliance with Life West, The office of the First Lady of Panama, & the Ministry of Health and Fundacion Omar Alfanno have set dates for the next Humanitarian Chiropractic Mission to Panama for June 20-28, 2020.

During the 3rd mission in 1998, 147 DCs served 385,000 patients, and the next in 1999 with 73 DCs a full 175,000. It will be the first time since then that we will cover the entire country. We are looking to bring the same energy in 2020 by having a highly motivated group of 250 chiropractors.



  1. The mission is only available to registered DCs (local legalities). You will need to have graduated from an accredited Chiropractic College and must be able to show a copy of your diploma / degree OR your current practice license.
  2. Your completed registration along with fee must be received no later than April 15. We have created an online form with integrated Paypal. Only when the Paypal transaction is complete is your registration complete. Once processing begins (ie after April 15) there can be no refund or transfer of registration fees.
  3. You are responsible for arranging & paying for your flights to Panama City, to arrive latest June 20th, and depart earliest June 28th. There will also be additional hotel / meal costs which will be confirmed as soon as possible. You are responsible for arranging a travel visa if required for your nationality.
  4. All DCs are required to adjusted upper cervical in a normal chair. There are no other techniques or adjusting tables suitable.

Don’t be the one who wished they had been there, JOIN US!


  1. Decide that you are ready to serve and complete your registration ASAP
  2. If you‘re not already a member ask to join the FB group “CREW Panama”, we won‘t add you until you have completed step 1
  3. As soon as you’re ready, book your flights according to our information and using this form forward that to us asap.

NOTE: you should all know this already, but there is a reason we write it. Ensure that the [email protected] is added to your favourites and our emails not landing in junk. For ease of communication PLEASE once you have started an email thread, try to keep that going rather than creating a new email every time. Remember we are coordinating up to 250 people, help make our life easy.


There is a long history of wonderful things happening in Panama, and we welcome the chance to return and bring a wealth of experience to the people of Panama. Chiropractors will be sent to all 10 provinces and each group will likely have quite different experiences. There will be groups in cities, small towns, and local villages. Some will be in a hotel the entire week, others may be on stretchers in huts. DCs will be in service from Monday to Friday, and typically from 9am-3pm.


The registration requirements set by Panama means that only registered DCs may participate. It’s always great having keen student participating but the government sets the rules on this one.


The registration form link is here, please remember that we will be looking to coordinate up to 250 DCs, so ensure you complete the form correctly, and pay attention to ongoing notices and information. To streamline the process we’ve created an entirely online registration, since we can then collate all information without copious emails to track down. If you are a DC couple please indicate on your forms as we try to keep couples together unless you have no particular preference. We have found through experience that the best energy happens also when the tour groups are not selected based on friendship or special request, we tend to select groups on a somewhat energetic / innate basis.

If you wish to bring partners / family then we ask you to first consider the following

  • our expectation is that you are there to serve, not to be on a family holiday
  • You will need to cover all extra costs
  • If the children are of childcare age, then you must arrange that yourself at your cost. We will not offer assistance to get this organised, we have enough to do. Otherwise generally the older the child the better
    With these criteria met, having a family along can be an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone. Otherwise however, the reality is that a mission is not necessarily the best environment to have your family along, so please consider carefully before deciding to do so.


Transfers to / from the airport and the hotel will be arranged for the 20th and 28th only, therefore as soon as you have booked your fares we require this information. There is a separate online form for you to use to send us this information, you’ll find it here.

If you decide to arrive prior to the Saturday 20th or stay after Sunday 28th then you will need to make all of your own arrangements regarding accommodation and airport transfers. Uber is freely available in Panama City so it might pay to ensure you have this on your cell/mobile phone for private trips. Sunday 21st and Saturday 27th will be necessary travel days for some, therefore your arrival should be 20th latest, earliest departure 28th.


One registration form per DC please. Each submission is set so that the complete registration fee must be paid, so do not combine payments on one registration submission. Your fee will cover t-shirts (likely 3), transport costs (there will be internal flights / busses etc) depending on what part of the country you are serving in. It will also cover some of the food costs at the ‚base‘ Hotel. However you will need to budget for additional costs, and these will vary depending on your location. Water and lunches will be provided during your service.


If you’ve heard about the Panama missions, but especially if not, it’s useful to recall that early on there were no clear guidelines on how to adjust, but after a short few hours a group decision was reached where everyone was to adjust upper cervical chair, and nothing else. That tradition remained solid for every mission since and will continue in 2020. It is likely the reason for the amazing healings and miracle stories that have come out of Panama. If you’ve been on a mission where every DC is doing something different, you’ve likely seen how energetically disruptive this can be. On a practical note, there simply is not the possibility to have any type of adjusting table available, especially for the number of DCs we expect to participate. So if you can adjust, with your hands (not activator), in the chair, then we welcome your registration. This is a structural adjusting mission trip. Alternatives to this are unfortunately not possible in Panama, so you should consider some of the other amazing missions trips around the world that do cater for more diverse adjusting environments.


The primary avenues of communication will be email and the CREW Panama facebook page. It will be your responsibility to stay up to date with information. This applies especially to those of you who are not so inclined to use FB, Ultimately if you do not then you may miss out. It‘s important to realise how challenging it is to organise such a venture, and your cooperation is essential.

If you‘ve made it through to here, awesome! We expect to see you in Panama! If you know for certain, please complete your registration early rather than last minute, and also share this information amongst your colleague so that everyone has the opportunity to join.

The sooner we receive registrations the sooner we can confirm with the government what regions we can visit, with hotels to get better rates, and with the universe to serve more people, so please don‘t delay.


Lina, Craig & Stew


Living in Harmony with Coronavirus

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

In nearly 25 years of chiropractic practice I’ve yet to miss a day in the office due to illness. This isn’t a brag, it’s not boastfulness, and I’m not saying I won’t die. I am fully aware of the impermanence of my flesh, and I know my physical death will come.

What this is, is my truth. I don’t expect anyone to eat as I do, live as I do, or talk as I do. I mention this now as I hear more people speak (think) of Coronavirus.

I’ve long lost count of how many people have asked if I’ve had a flu vaccine, or other vaccines (as I’ve traveled extensively providing chiropractic care to people and animals in other countries). The answer has always been the same.

vibration attuning

I’ve been asked what types of medications I would take and what nutritional supplements I consume. This answer too has always been the same.

This is not about me, I hesitate to even share the following, for concern of misunderstanding and disbelief. I ask no one to believe anything. This is how I live.

Mindfulness, Meditation, Nutrition, Chiropractic Care

My heart is at peace with all of creation. To me, that means I have no desire to battle anything (including you), at anytime. I am at peace with the seen as well as the unseen. Viruses and bacteria are not out to get me, if I become a host to their environment, it’s nothing personal.

As a chiropractor who adjusts the cervical spine mostly supine, I make close face to face contact with people each day.

For years people have coughed in my face, apologizing for the cold or flu they have, or are getting over. I’ve never said this, but it’s like them apologizing for having dirty feet, when I am here to wash them.

That’s my number one, my purpose to serve is bigger than anything else known.

I eat a mostly raw and primarily plant based diet (but haven’t always). My main philosophy is to eat minimal to no commercially made products (things with more than one ingredient). I consume little to no sugar and barely drink alcohol.

I eat with gratitude (as maximal as possible) and without emotion (as minimal as possible).

I meditate on what I consume. I give thanks to the food, I give thanks to those who harvest it, I give thanks to those who transport it, I give thanks to those who brought it to market. I do my best to visualize the families of those who have provided me with this nutrition, and I wish them and their family my deepest gratitude.

For example: I visualize a big rig truck driver sitting at dinner with their family, eating with money provided somehow connected to the purchases I make. I visualize them being healthy, prosperous and safe. I visualize the family gathered together in a state of joy. This takes only seconds to do.

So for me, it’s not only what I eat, but what I think about what I eat.

I see my chiropractor at least two times per week. I don’t expect everyone else to do this, I don’t even expect other chiropractors to do this, it’s just what I do and have done for more than 20 years.

Isn’t that supposed to be my number one? Nope. My truth tells me that if I had 100% mindfulness manifesting in matter, there’d be no interference to correct. I’m not there yet.

I do daily practices to be mindful of my thoughts. I hold no hate for anyone or anything. I watch no television. I participate in nearly zero social media. I have no gym membership.

When not in the office I shovel dirt, chop wood, and carry water. I live on large acreage and can be up at 4 am doing morning chores. It’s not uncommon that I’m in bed asleep before 8 pm.

I meditate about as many hours a day as the average person watches television.

Ultimately, it’s not the chiropractic care, it’s not the nutrition, it’s not the meditation, and not even the mindfulness. It’s rather paradoxical, and yet it is.

I wish you boundless health, and I wish you everlasting happiness.

How My Dog Taught Me Walking Meditation

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

People increasingly ask me what kind of mediation I practice. While I don’t have a formal name to describe my methods, I have combined (and modified) a number of techniques over the past several years.

Thanks to a furry angel in my life, I currently incorporate an ancient sacred paw method of contemplative walking forest mediation. Here’s a story of a meditation master and her student.

About 7 years ago I moved from the city of Los Angeles to the Southern edge of the Sequoia National Forest in Kern County, California. I had 3 aging Labrador retrievers at the time, two yellows, and the youngest one a chocolate lab named Jubilee.

Chocolate Labrador with Stick

Jubilee was my everywhere dog, she traveled with me on commutes to my chiropractic office near Venice Beach.

Back in the forest, she was incredibly fond of walking the numerous deer trails that crossed our land. Our routine was to get up at 5 am, have breakfast, and go for our first morning walk. Jubilee would always lead the way.

Jubilee had a method of choosing what trail to walk (and when) that was only known to her, I just followed along. Deer, coyotes, bear, lions and bobcats used the trails at night, providing her much sense stimulation during the day.

About the same time I moved to the forest’s edge, I had increased my mediation practice to 3 times per day. Initially, I found myself eager (impatience) to get these “dog walks” over with so I could get back home and sit in silent meditation.

Slowing her pace, or stopping for a long sniffing session, Jubilee had no part of it. She’d occasionally turn and give me a “we’re not done” look and then continue on deeper into the woods. My frustration always ended in loving surrender.

We did this 3 times a day, without fail. I could be chopping wood or shoveling dirt midday and she’d walk up to me with that “let’s go” look. I’d stop what I was doing and we’d head off into the woods, only to repeat the routine again before sunset.

Sometimes we were gone for an hour. I’d be in the forest, following this crazy dog to nowhere, bending my body under bushes and branches, along trails made by four legged forest dwellers. When it was time to turn back she’d change direction and head for home. I followed.

One day I decided to carry my mala beads and repeat a silent chant while we walked the forest. Up to this point I had been doing “bead meditation” every morning for about 15 minutes, usually sitting in a chair or on the edge of a couch.

As my methods progressed, I became aware that the words used during my walking morning chant were “playing” in my head (like the last song you’ve heard) regardless of what I was doing. This continued long after the walking meditation was over. Old thought patterns became chant patterns, and chant patterns became new thought patterns. I began to hear thought far more clearly (or differently) than before.

After several months of this practice, I eventually graduated into a contemplative state while in walking meditation. I was aware that Jubilee knew something that I didn’t, or that I wasn’t seeing. This led to an awakening in relationship to all the wildlife of the forest, and the forest itself. My eyes (and ears) tuned.

Late February 2019 a big storm came through on a Saturday night. Sunday morning Jubilee was eager to hit the path, even though she was near 14 years old and her daily pace had slowed significantly. On this particular morning she practically bounced about while returning from our walk, grabbing a stick along the way and trudging through our flooded muddy driveway (see above photo), on the way back to the house.

As Jubilee aged, I’d watched her struggle along the path (as she had watched me), but on this day she was celebrating life like I hadn’t witnessed before. Back in Los Angeles two days later, while another thunder and lightning storm electrified our atmosphere, Jubilee passed away.

It was several days till I was home in the forest, placing her cremated remains in a jar on the porch (next to the other dogs), and hanging an engraved “Jubilee” wind chime a patient gave to me after hearing of her passing.

As the wind blew softly the chimes began to sing, and a “let’s walk” voice resonated the air. I began walking along a trail into the woods, silently with thoughts of love and jubilation for all the angels in my life. I was about a mile in when I simultaneously became aware of deciding to turn back, and the presence of my dog looking back at me from further up the trail, signaling to keep going.

Like the snake and the rope (absolute reality and the reality we see), I could see Jubilee on the trail ahead, and I continued on. I bent under the branches of an oak tree and stood to face a mule deer buck paused mid step and staring back at me.

The eyes with which I saw this deer, were the same eyes that looked back at me, we both just stood and gazed. At some point I waved and he decided that was too much movement, he turned and hurried off.

While returning home I was aware of a pull back to known reality, while my now fading from sight dog walked by my side saying “that’s what I’ve been trying to show you.”

By the time I was home my meditative state was being challenged by conditioned ideas, the strongest being that this phenomena I had experienced was random chance and emotion, not to happen again. Seeing the dog was illusion, and the deer, just a deer.

Known reality conditioning persisted, but I also felt markedly different, I was tingling for hours. I’ve experienced meditative phenomena before, but this was new.

Evening came and educated me became convinced it was best I do walking meditation in a completely different direction, so that I wouldn’t have a similar experience, or bother the deer. Less than a quarter mile in (and still tingling)  I look up from my meditative path and there’s a buck looking back at me.

I didn’t speak, I didn’t wave, I didn’t chant. He twitched his ears towards me and flared his nostrils, but otherwise remained still. Maintaining eye contact, he turned to the right and then the left, and calmly walked off the trail.

To someone watching this from a distance, or viewing it on a trail camera, this may have all appeared rather ordinary. I’ve since discovered the extraordinary is often times hidden in the most ordinary of outward occurrences.

I awoke the next day and began in a seated meditation, purposely not walking. I was aware of hesitation and excitement, and my conditioned mind was unsettled.

I could feel a challenge arising. If this was truth you’d have walked in mediation, conjured up a dog and a deer, and thought you were so cool. But you aren’t cool, this isn’t real, and you’ve been wasting a lot of time. Prove me wrong, I dare you.

This was me, talking to me, in my own head, and it was nasty. Prove me wrong played in the background for about 5 hours, until I finally headed off to walk the forest.

What up to this day had grown into peaceful contemplative walking mediation, was now me walking and trying to meditate, while someone criticized me the entire way. I walked. Where’s your deer now? I walked. Dumb ass. I walked. It ain’t gonna happen. I walked. Nothing. I returned back home. Some walking mediation that was. You even asked for a sign, how pathetic.

I stood in my driveway, the tormentous mind battle now over, and oddly feeling a deeply incredible sense of calm. Life was normal (mundane existence) again. Anyways, I had chores to do.

A mind at ease, I turned and… a buck, in the driveway, walking directly towards me. He approached and paused about 8 feet away, holding my gaze. There was no criticism, no celebration, no chatter. There was a deep tonal calm.

That moment opened a doorway on my meditation. My walking mediation has since advanced beyond what I had ever anticipated, and I’ve been able to carry the vibration over to my day activities. It’s a lifetime work in progress.

If I look (project outwards) for things, they may not be seen. If I am receptive, I see (receive via sight) wonders unfold.

We’ve been taught that animals can smell fear. My experience says all emotion (and thought) can be sensed. Anger, greed, lust, hate, disgust, trust, awe, surprise, etc.

I’m working on being a better smelling human.

New Beginnings in Asbury Park New Jersey 2020

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

While nearly the rest of the world was watching the Super Bowl, this past weekend I attended the New Beginnings intensive in Spring Lake, NJ. I was seeking the heart of chiropractic and my heart told me where I could find it.

My heart was so filled with fire that I plunged (literally) into the Atlantic Ocean (wearing only my underpants) and the fire didn’t go out. As I sit, this fire continues to burn. The fire will always burn, as this principle is alive within. ADIO.

Greetings Asbury Park

I’m really excited about the May (and October) 2020 New Beginnings Chiropractic events in Asbury Park New Jersey.

I have committed to be there in May and October this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

May 15-17 are the dates (Friday – Sunday) for the next New Beginnings, held at the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in Asbury Park.

There’s going to be an excellent lineup of speakers (I LOVE the New Beginnings Speaking Format) and Dr. Gerry Clum will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Thinking about my plunge into the Atlantic, which I did along with fellow chiropractors, I’m reminded that I’ve walked on fire with the same people.

You can get more information and get registered via the New Beginnings website. I’ll see you in New Jersey!

Being Alert to Classified Ad Scams 2020

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The following email was forwarded to me by the Planet Chiropractic office, originating from a chiropractor via email.

URGENT: Multiple scammers!
I’ve had two scam attempts on my Chiropractic Equipment For Sale ads. Richard Walls ([email protected] and also [email protected]) and now Cynthia Fenwick are their email aliases. This is the email they end up sending. Richard sent me a check from a law firm for $4000 more than my asking price. He wanted me to deposit it and then send the extra to the ‘mover’ through Zelle/Paypal.

This scam works by getting the seller (in this case the doctor) to cash the check and then wire the money back to the mover before the check is found to be fraudulent. Wire transfers like Zelle cannot be revoked whereas the cashing of the check can.

Now Cynthia sent me the exact same email. Please alert others who’ve posted.

details lagos nigeria

This is what the scammers send via email. The poor spelling has been left unchanged, this is already a good sign of a scam attempt.

Thanks for the information, i will need your honest and trust to end up this transaction. I will like to know if i can trust you with my money, … please i want you to remove the item from sales list i will get back to you with the tracking # from UPS so that you will know when to expect it.I include the mover funds along with your payment cos they need to pick some valuable item for me in your area. We are New on this site and you are the first person to know from this Site, We are a very good Christian family and GOD Fearing , all we believe in is TRUST and Loyalty .. So when you receive the check get your item fee and the rest goes to the mover guy so that it will be delivered directly to my house and LET ME KNOW IF I CAN trust you with this transaction.
Kindly get the post removed and get back to me asap.

This is by far the most popular classified ads scam I’ve seen on the internet over the past 20 years. They go after every site they can, including this site and craigslist.

When selling, basic common sense rules apply. If it seems to good to be true, it likely is. Chiropractors buying equipment would most likely purchase items using an office check from a business that can be verified. Google maps is helpful here.

When students are purchasing items, hopefully they identify themselves as such. I like to reply to students and get info on where they are attending school, when they expect to graduate, where they plan to practice, etc.

Chiropractors that don’t have an office address, such as someone starting a practice or opening a new location, offer an opportunity for getting more information before payment is received. Ask questions that are chiropractic specific and do not proceed if you feel uncomfortable about the transaction.

Emails from rich uncles and cousins that want to purchase equipment for their family chiropractors are scams, no matter how much we’d like to believe they are real.

I’m sharing this for people that may have been searching to confirm these email addresses. Scammer emails I’d watch out for include: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Thank you to everyone that participates in keeping the classifieds community in order (not just on this site, but worldwide).

Sherman Chiropractic College Lyceum 2020

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Happy 2020! January is a great time to plan chiropractic travels, and I like to get as many conferences and trips on my calendar as I can. My goal is to get the bulk booked before the month is done. Dr. Jillian Farrell (Director of Continuing Education at Sherman College of Chiropractic) sent me an email with a terrific event for a 2020 chiropractic calendar. Sherman Chiropractic College Lyceum 2020.

Sherman Chiropractic Lyceum 2020Roaring into the Future: Register Now for Sherman College Lyceum

From Dr. Farrell: The continuing education department at Sherman College of Chiropractic is “Roaring Into the Future” at Lyceum 2020 and will be hosting its annual continuing education and homecoming event on campus in beautiful Spartanburg, SC, from April 30 to May 2 (Thursday through Saturday).

We’re puttin’ on the ritz in new facilities for you to learn from leaders in chiropractic in a variety of topics spanning philosophy, art, science and principles of practice. In addition to CE in the classroom, the weekend will feature an alumni gathering, a 5K race, and the Great Gatsby Gala.

Registration is now open! Registration cost for a D.C. to attend is $459, but if you hurry, you can get our early bird special price of $359 if registered before February 29, 2020.


As a Sherman Lyceum attendee, I can tell you it’s a terrific event. The campus is awesome to visit (check out the student center) and the hotel is a perfect place to catch up with other chiropractors, talking philosophy into the night. The students are full of excitement and everyone is super friendly.

The campus address is:
Sherman College of Chiropractic
2020 Springfield Road
Spartanburg, SC 29316

The Official Lyceum Hotel address is:
Downtown Spartanburg Marriott
299 N Church St, Spartanburg, SC 29306
Phone: 864-596-1211 (Ask for Sherman Lyceum Block)
Book Early – Room block was sold out in 2019!

Standard Room Rate of $142/Night Plus Tax & Fees

Below I have listed a sampling of topics and speakers for 2020 Lyceum.

Specific Chiropractic for the Elderly – Octavio Terrazas
The Chiropractic National Anthem – Terry R. Yochum
Chiropractic Neurology: What Have We Learned and Where are We Going? – Michael Hall
Spondylolisthesis in Contact Sports: When is it Safe? – Terry R. Yochum
Human Trafficking: An Overview – Brian McCoy
Biohacking the Brain through Chiropractic – Monique Andrews
WIC Jam Session – Focus on Families: 20/20 in 2020 – Nalyn Marcus
Innate Forces and “Apps” for Upgrading the Human OS – Donny Epstein
Truth – An Adaptive Strategy – Mitzi Schwartzbauer
What you Need to Know about Chiropractic History – Simon Senzon
Philosophy and Science Can Get Along: Keeping the TIC in a High-Volume Office – Jason Sabo
Practical Adaptability: A Coalescing of Chiropractic Philosophy and Research – Amy Haas
The Pendulum is Swinging: A Look at our History, Future and Why You Should Care – Bharon Hoag
President’s Welcome and State of the College Address – Edwin Cordero
Chiropractic: A Glorious Future? – Christopher Kent
The Responsibilities and Challenges for the Doctor of Chiropractic – Anthony Carrino
Coordination and its Clinical Application – Rick Brescia
TATS: The Art of the Specific – Grant Dennis
The Process of Discovery: Seeing What Others Have Seen Before and Thinking Something New – Stan Pierce
Chiropractic in the First Thousand Days – Linda Slak
Making a Difference in Chiropractic: The Philosophy and Practice of Caring for Animals – Jay Komarek
Review of the Thompson Technique – Thomas Kolarik
The ADD Forum: Psychotropic Disorders – Sal Martingano
Epidemiology of Subluxation – Curtis Fedorchuk
Infinite Principles – Jami Karr
Cone Beam CT: Applications and Utilization Now and in the Future – Tyler Evans and Matthew Richardson
A ‘Bad Bite’ can lead to a ‘Wicked Fall’! – Chris Chapman
Documentation and Coding for 2020 and Beyond – David Smith
Cervical Analysis and Cervical Chair Setups – Rick Brescia
Diagnosis Made Easy – Rebecca Boles

Safe travels and cheers to a spectacular 2020!

Cleveland University Kansas City Homecoming 2019

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Happy Summer! The folks at Cleveland University in Kansas City wanted me to remind you that Homecoming 2019 is going to be in October this year. There’s an opportunity to earn up to 20 hours of continuing education credit, and meet up with fellow colleagues for food, drink and fun.

CUKC Homecoming 2019

Homecoming is a 3 day event taking place October 11 – 13. There’s going to be a Friday night happy hour event from 5-7 pm and an awards event on Saturday night.

This years hotel is the Marriott Kansas City Overland Park located at 10800 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, Kansas 66210.

It is a tradition to honor graduates celebrating class reunions during homecoming weekend. This year graduates from the 1959, 1969, 1979, 1989, 1999, 2009 classes will be introduced and you’ll get to hear their chiropractic stories.

Presenters include Drs. Mark Pfefer, Don Sharnowski, Jeffrey Tucker, Brian Jensen, Steven Gould, Patrick Starkey, Alan Sokoloff, Stuart MCIntosh, William Moreau, Carl Cleveland III, and more.

Get all the details on the Alumni Homecoming Page on the Cleveland University site.