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Classic CREW Chiropractic Photos from Panama Missions

I've been searching through old hard drives since Lina told me about plans for a 2020 CREW Chiropractic Mission to Panama.
Dick Santo CREW 1998

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’ve been searching through old hard drives since Lina told me about plans for a 2020 CREW Chiropractic Mission to Panama. I have found hundreds of photographs dating back as early as the 1997 CREW Mission. I can remember like it was yesterday, meeting Lina at an ICA Chiropractic event in Orange County, and hearing about her mission to bring Chiropractic to Panama.

Dick Santo CREW 1998

To some, the photo above may appear rather ordinary (as many of the photos may). Dick Santo was beyond being a great chiropractor, he was Chiropractic, it flowed through his entire being.

There’s a language (a universal language) communicated by all beings. The more we can quite our minds, the easier this communication can be spoken. Meditate on this image and see what’s not seen.

Paula Hedglon Panama 1998

Dr. Paula Hedglon is in the above photo, she is a magnetic and loving being. I was a young chiropractor among giants like Paula, who’s dedication for service in teaching the Chiropractic Lifestyle, is near indescribable.

Sigafoose Panama CREW 2000

The ever smiling James (Siggy) Sigafoose, my roommate on several mission trips to Panama (and Costa Rica). At the time, I knew I was in the presence of greatness (with all of these chiropractors). Looking back, this was a chapter in my life that would light the path for walking in faith.

Michael Dorausch Panama adjusting kids 2002

That’s me (Michael Dorausch) in 2002, adjusting kids in a gymnasium.

True Story: The week before I was having my office painted (March 2017) I was experiencing anxiousness in having a wall of Panama Mission photos taken down in my hallway.

About the day before the photos came down a young man was in my office as a new patient. He told me he’d been adjusted as a kid (as so many new patients have). He was in my hallway after the adjustment calling his mother… in Panama. When I came into the hall he looked at me, at the photos, and back at me. He thought out loud how unfathomable the odds were that he’d be standing in my office so many years later.

Stew Bittman adjusting Costa Rica

Stew Bittman (shown above adjusting while on a CREW Mission in Costa Rica) has had a significant influence on my life (and the lives of many) and practice. For me, watching Stew adjust was like a kid watching his older brother on the playground (the playground of life). He is also eloquent with his words, authoring numerous articles in the early days of Planet Chiropractic. I found a post he wrote to his fellow missionaries after returning from the Costa Rica CREW mission.

I’m incredibly thankful to the multitudes of beings that I’ve encountered on these chiropractic missions, blessings to you all.


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