Mahalo for Not Smoking

by Michael Dorausch

I took lots of photos of different signs during my Christmas trip to Maui. The calling 911 sign was popular. Here’s a group of signs from around the island that say Mahalo, which is Hawaiian for thank you. Besides Aloha, it’s probably the most commonly used word in Maui.

do not walk on roadway

Please Do Not Walk on Roadway Use Sidewalk – Mahalo

Photo taken outside of the Kaanapali Beach Club. This next photo was for a sign about an Congo African Grey named BoJo. We share a birthday so I took a liking to this bird. While tempted, I didn’t stick my finger into his cage to find out if he actually did bite it or not. I suppose that’s why the sign is there.


Mahalo for not putting your fingers in the birdcage.

Here’s a picture of Bojo…

Bojo the African grey

What a beautiful bird. I bet he could take my finger off with that beak if he wanted to. This next photo was taken in the lobby of a hotel but I’ve forgotten the name of it. The wooden sign says Mahalo and shows a female dressed in traditional Hawaiian attire.


I took the following photo while exiting a shuttle bus on the way to Whalers Village in Maui. Nice and clean bus that made transportation easy and affordable along the chains of timeshares and hotels on that side of the island.

Mahalo riding the bus

Mahalo from the Mayor and the Maui County Council for riding the bus.

This one says Mahalo for visiting with us (taken at one of the exits in Whalers Village).


This next photo was taken along a walkway that connects many of the major hotels and timeshares in the area of Whalers Village. According to the sign there is no Frisbie or ball throwing, skateboarding, rollerblading, bicycles, dogs, or alcoholic beverages. It also appeared the whole island was extremely strict on smoking.

For your safety, the following are prohibited:

for your safety

This next photo was taken in the town of Paia, a historic plantation town in Maui. I was there on Christmas Day so almost everything was closed. Didn’t get a chance to see what kind of shoes there were to choose from.

remove your shoes

Please Remove Your Shoes – don’t take better ones on your way out – Mahalo

These next few photos were taken in the town of Lahaina, Maui. The first is a thank you for not smoking sign using the no smoking symbol in the O of Mahalo. The second is of a T-shirt that simply reads Mahalo on the front.

Mahalo smoking

Mahalo for Not Smoking

Mahalo T-shirt

Maybe it says MaLLalo?

By the looks of this next photo it seems some smokers are not happy with the state smoking laws in Hawaii. The sign reads Mahalo for helping us comply with the Hawaii State Law by keeping Whalers Village smoke-free.

Wii state law

I took this last photo in the airport on my way back to Los Angeles. The trash bins in some of the airport food courts said Mahalo, and you’d be hoping people knew what the word meant by this time in their visit to Maui.

Mahalo trash

Mahalo for not littering.

That’s it for the Mahalo signs of Maui, thanks for visiting.