Meet a Chiropractor – Scott Swanson of San Francisco

By Daria Belov

It’s been said that there are as many different ways to practice chiropractic as there are chiropractors. Each chiropractor brings to the profession a uniqueness and individual sense of self. They take the clay of chiropractic foundation, and mold it into shapes that form the representation of themselves as a doctor of chiropractic. While there’s no denying that chiropractors differ from one another, there are numerous things that they share in common. What do you say we get to know some of them better?

Meet Scott Swanson, a chiropractor practicing in San Francisco, California. I had the pleasure of interviewing him recently for this Planet Chiropractic article, and I’m happy to share his story.

Scott R Swanson - Chiropractor San FransiscoScott Swanson, DC
Parkside Chiropractic
2394 31st Avenue – San Francisco, CA 94116 — 415-566-7134
PC: Thanks for taking the time to participate in this interview Dr. Swanson, and thanks for e-mailing us a photo and information about your office, it will come in handy for those that may be seeking a chiropractor in the San Francisco area.

PC: All chiropractors in the United States must attend an accredited chiropractic school before they can be licensed to practice. Where did you choose to attend and why?

Dr. Swanson: After visiting Palmer Davenport, National and Western States, I decided on Palmer West. The tour of the anatomy lab really impressed me. I received my Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 2002.

PC: What adjustive techniques do you currently practice?

Dr. Swanson: In our office we offer many treatments for the average person that are also used to keep pro athletes in top shape including Graston Technique, Kinesiotaping, as well as traditional chiropractic adjustments.

PC: Is there a specific type of patient you see in your practice, such as athletes or children?

Dr. Swanson: Our patient population is very diverse, we treat everyone from the whiplash victim to the 91 year old (no kidding chiropractic has kept him in great shape), to the middle school football player.

PC: With today’s concerns regarding health care coverage and affordability of care, what forms of payment you provide for members of your practice?

Dr. Swanson: We accept cash, credit cards, have convenient payment plans, and are preferred providers with most insurance plans.

PC: We know you’re located in San Francisco, any specific landmarks?

Dr. Swanson: Our office is located in the beautiful Sunset District of San Francisco near Ocean Beach right on the L Taraval Muni line.

PC: I would imagine parking could be a tough thing in a city like yours, how is your office situated?

Dr. Swanson: Our office is on the ground floor of an apartment building and we have plenty of free street parking which is a rarity in the city. We have two private adjusting rooms and an area for rehabilitative exercise and massage.

PC: Tell us more about you, how did you get introduced to chiropractic?

Dr. Swanson: About 20 years ago when I was a middle schooler back in Corvallis, Oregon, my parents and I were driving in the family car to pick up my sister at tennis camp. I was in the back seat and remember we were going across a bridge with the traffic backed up ahead of us. We were forced to come to a stop in the middle and then suddenly–BAM!–we were hit from the rear by a car that was following too closely.

I recall that my neck snapped back but I was not aware of any problem at that moment. We were able to drive away afterwards after determining that apparently the car was okay and so were we. However, a day or so later things changed dramatically for me. I was at practice with my middle school football team and the coach was having us do a neck stretching exercise. That’s when it hit me–severe pain and stiffness in my neck. I had to leave the field and, for a time, my football team.

My mom took me to our family doctor and he gave me some pain pills and a warning to stay away from the game until the neck healed on its own. But the pain stayed with me and the pills only covered it up for a while. I was a kid who loved football and was depressed about missing it. Then a family friend suggested visiting a Chiropractor he knew.

Well, to make a long story short, I did visit that specialist who gave what I later learned were “adjustments” over a few visits to re-align my spine. He told me some of my vertebrae were kicked out of whack with the impact of the accident and caused all the neck pain. Within a week my neck was back to normal. I felt no pain no matter how much I stretched my neck.

As a kid, I remember being pretty amazed that a little manipulation of my spine could totally cure my neck. I expressed that amazement to the doctor and he said something to me that pretty much changed my life. He said that a lot of people are astonished at how something so gentle and painless could have such miraculous effects. And he also said “Scott, maybe when you grow up you’d like to help people as I much as I was able to help you.”

PC: That’s cool your chiropractor planted the seed for you to become a chiropractor as well. If a patient asked, are there any particular chiropractic schools you would recommend they attend?

Dr. Swanson: All the chiropractic schools are great but if asked I would of course recommend my Alma Mater Palmer West! I believe their education is top notch.

PC: Chiropractors now practice all over the world. What’s your particular community like?

Dr. Swanson: San Francisco really is a wonderful place to live. The weather is comfortable here all year round, most often it is from 60-70 with some sun shining. Any given weekend there are a plethora of cultural, outdoor and city events to choose from, my favorite event every year is the Fleet Week Airshow. The views here cannot be beat, the Golden Gate Brigde, Marina Green and Embarcadero are amazing and you are close to world class wines in Napa, world class skiing in Tahoe and the wonderful beaches of Santa Cruz.

PC: Sounds spectacular. That’s quite a place to live and practice. Are you involved in any local programs that serve the community (besides in your office)?

Dr. Swanson: I believe everyone has the obligation not just to better themselves but better their communities as well. I volunteer my services at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic for HIV+ patients and the Rock Medicine program which provides medical care at rock concerts. I also serve on the board of our local merchants association.

PC: Besides having a chiropractor like you, what is your city’s claim to fame?

Dr. Swanson: San Francisco’s claim to fame could differ a lot depending on who you ask. The Golden Gate Bridge is here of course but we also have the biggest Bloomingdales outside of New York and we were the first city to allow gay marriage.

PC: Who are some of the people you have enjoyed helping the most?

Dr. Swanson: I have been lucky enough to work with some wonderful people, our local heroes, police officers and firefighters. Also the Butler Brothers Pro Motocross Team at the Supercross in San Francisco and Aurelia Cats judge on NBC’s Celebrity Circus TV show.

PC: A local San Francisco news reporter steps into your office and asks what you do. Your response?

Dr. Swanson: We get people well fast and keep them that way by providing top notch care for people of all ages using the latest treatment techniques.

PC: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions Dr. Swanson. This will make a great article.

Dr. Swanson: Thanks for the opportunity for this interview Planet Chiropractic!!!!

The contact information for the chiropractor interviewed…

Chiropractor San Fransisco
Scott Swanson, DC — Parkside Chiropractic
2394 31st Avenue – San Francisco, CA 94116

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