Misleading Medical Reports and the Media

From MSNBC comes an article titled: “Medical reporting misleading — Media often overlook drug side effects, conflicts of interest”

According to the article, a recent study found that in mass media health coverage, “many news stories on drugs fail to report side effects or researchers’ financial ties to the companies that make the medications.”

Researchers in the study looked at newspaper and TV stories from the past several years for three drugs on the market, according to the article.

The researchers found financial ties to drug makers in at least half of the reports that cited experts or scientific studies, according to the article.

Also according to the article, the study found that “fewer than half the news stories reported the drugs’ side effects.”

So you see a report on your local news regarding a new drug or treatment. Financial ties to the drug maker are not expressed, side effects are not mentioned or are kept to a minimum, and the drug is touted as the world’s next chemical savoir that may heal all of mankind.

You take the drug, you get sick, you’ve wasted your money, and your upset. Who’s to blame? Is it time for another outside-in pill, herb or potion, or are you ready to begin living from the inside-out and express your life potential?

MSNBC: Media often overlook drug side effects, conflicts of interest

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