Step Nineteen to a Hundred a Day

by Dr. Rick Wren

Step #19 to a hundred chiropractic patients a day (Have consistent promotional activities), is actually Advanced Success Principle #9. They take alot of time and fore thought, so most doctors do not do them. Promotions break the monotony of daily practice and create a vacuum. You want the daily volume on your party day to be at least 25% higher to show you and your staff that you have room for growth (“creating a vacuum”). You should plan ahead and make yourself commit to them no matter what.

Promotions should be scheduled at least every 2 months. They should be done in such a way to generate momentum, synergy, and love.

Our first promotion of the year is in February for Valentines day. We will collect donations for the Oklahaven’s Children’s Chiropractic Center. This Center has a 38 year history of taking care of children with very severe problem’s even when they do not have insurance or money. Alot of these families owe 100,000 or more to the Medical establishment when they come to the Center. They take cases like cerebral palsy, birth defects, and etc. The Center is run by Dr. Bobby Doscher who is like the Mother Theresa of Chiropractic.

The doctor should hand out flyers to each and every patient and personally request that the patient buy a small heart for $5 or a large heart for $10. The hearts with the patients name on it is posted on our decorated board in the reception room (it is the same board used for several other promotions). Each donation allows the patient to get in our drawing for a $100 credit to the patient’s account. The doctor also invites the patient to the Valentines Party which should be scheduled as an extra visit just for the health of it (3x come 4x that week) and that visit is on us. We start promoting it the 4th week of January. Last year we collected over $600 and plan do to do better this year.

We play the Oklahaven video tape which shows before and after results with very ill children. It really touches patient’s hearts. Contact them by email at [email protected] or you can call them at 405-948-8807. Check out their website at The more that register to help the better.

My planned promotions for the year are:
March – St. Patrick’s Day Party
April – Easter / Bunnies for Nursing homes
May – Mother’s Day on Friday / Flowers
June – Beach Party / Paper goods drive / Father’s Day on Friday / Key chains
July and August – Referral Race (6 weeks) With Final Lap Party / Celebrate winner
October – Halloween Party and Costume Contest
November – Thanksgiving food drive / Final Day Party
December – Christmas toy drive / Final Day Party

If you search for my name “Rick Wren” you will find several write ups on different promotions. I would
encourage you to print up all the messages and put them in a notebook for you to have reference to. I would also download the attachments and place them in the notebook also. Each and every promotion requires alot of energy by the doctor and staff or it will be a flop. Plan ahead and be excited about the future results.

Remember, you have to give to receive and the more you love your patients, the more they will love you.

Hope to see you in Anaheim in 3.5 weeks ( ).
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