A Prayer For Reggie Gold

The following is from several messages forwarded to me from several DCs

From Shawn Powers:
Reggie Gold is one of my heroes and has influenced my life and helped me so much. Recently he has had a stroke and I ask you to think of him and pray for him. He has carried the torch for so long and empowered so many of us.

BJ said “Greatest service you can render mankind IS TO AROUSE WITHIN YOURSELF A REALIZATION OF GREATER INNATE WITHIN YOU, that innate may come form the dark recesses of your misunderstanding of yourself, and into AND BECOME GUIDING LIGHT OF YOUR LIFE. Once You grasp this, received you will pass this on to all you contact. If you do this, YOUR AND OUR LIFE will have been enriched, knowing the human race has been bettered for our having lived.”

I love an appreciate Reggie because he has made us better.

Yours in Guarding the Sacred Trust, Coach Shawn

From Spizz Quest:
We are going to break from traditional Spizz Quest format to pay tribute and well wish for Reggie Gold, D.C.

Why is Chiropractic Different?

“Chiropractic is not different because of what we think, but because of how we think.”

“If Chiropractic is nothing more than another treatment of disease, then it is medicine.”

What about our Chiropractic Objective? “If you start a trip without knowing where you are going, how do you know when you have arrived?”

“How can you possibly tell people that chiropractic (above-down, inside-out) is right, and medicine (Outside-in) is wrong, when they look at you and can’t tell the difference?”

“We got into Chiropractic to change the world. Instead we have allowed the world to change us.”

“If you were the only Chiropractor left, would Chiropractic survive?”

Spoken through a true Chiropractic warrior ~ Reggie Gold, D.C.

From Dr. Jim Dubel:
Please say a prayer for one of our true warriors.. all My Love, Loyalty and Friendship… Dubel

Reggie was the last class to be taught philosophy by BJ Palmer at the Fountainhead. He has continued that philosophical evolution with unbridled passion throughout his career.

Thank you Reggie and may your Innate Intelligence be allowed to express itself in it’s finest form.

JP Maher

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