Florida School Of Chiropractic Medicine

Article forwarded by Drs. Steven White and Michelle Whitney.

By Tom Klapp, D.C.

Florida State University has opened a “school of Chiropractic Medicine.”

NACA members, it’s official, there will be a school of chiropractic medicine in the College of Health and Human Sciences at the Florida State University with the first class beginning in the fall semester, 2001.

The Governor signed the appropriations bill on May 30 in which there is a $1 million appropriation for the Florida Board of Regents, which oversees the Florida university system, to prepare a plan outlining what needs to be done by FSU and what money needs to be appropriated to matriculated the first class in the fall, 2001.

The plan must be submitted to the legislature by December 15, 2000. The school will begin with the first year class of up to 100 students in 2001, followed by subsequent first year classes in the next three years with a capped enrollment of 500 students.

There is a $2 million endowment for a chiropractic & bio-mechanical research chair which was created by money raised by the Lincoln Chiropractic College Educational Foundation and the Florida Chiropractic Association in the FSU College of Health & Human Sciences. That research chair coupled with the classification of FSU as a category one research institution gives the FSU administration great hope that they will quickly get millions of dollars in federal grant money for chiropractic research. This will launch a new era of chiropractic research.

Representative Dennis Jones, a chiropractor and Speaker Pro Tem of the Florida House of Representatives has been working on this for years. This is his last year in the House, since term limits prevents him from running for reelection. He leaves quite a legacy.

(Chiropractic research or chiropractoid physical medicine research?)

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