5th Generation Chiropractor Graduates Palmer West

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Meghan Austin Dowling continues family tradition, graduates from Palmer’s West Campus as fifth generation chiropractor

Most four-year-old children have a difficult time deciding on their morning breakfast cereal. At that tender age, however, Meghan Austin already had decided on her future career.

So when her mother asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up? … “with the video camera rolling during a family vacation, the mini-Meghan said, “I wanna be a chi-wo-pwactor like my daddy.”

Meghan Austin Dowling at Palmer WestPhoto: Dr. Meghan Austin Dowling with her father, Dr. Thomas Austin (left), and grandfather, Dr. Douglas Austin.

On December 2, 2011, Meghan Austin Dowling graduated as valedictorian of the Fall Quarter 2011 class at Palmer College of Chiropractic’s West Campus, San Jose, California, with summa cum laude honors, and achieved her early goal of becoming a “chi-wo-pwactor” like her daddy.

The Austin family’s chiropractic lineage now spans five generations. Meghan’s graduation marks 100 years since her great-great-grandparents, Drs. Jay and Mabel Austin, graduated from Palmer’s Davenport Campus in 1911.

Meghan’s great-great-grandfather, Dr. Jay Austin, is the first known chiropractor in San Jose. The practice, Austin Chiropractic, is now managed by Meghan’s father, Dr. Thomas Austin, whom Meghan will join as the newest member of the Austin family to become a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic.

“I was lucky enough to be introduced to chiropractic as a baby,” said Meghan. “My dad adjusted me and my brothers regularly. He was our team chiropractor for basketball, soccer, softball and other sports we played. I really recognized the benefit of chiropractic after taking a good hard fall on the soccer field. It was good to grow up a chiropractic kid!”

Meghan is now looking forward to joining her father’s practice. She couldn’t be happier, and he couldn’t be prouder. “My father is the most honest, trustworthy doctor I have ever known, and I admire how he is so passionate about chiropractic. He has been, and will continue to be, the best mentor I could imagine.”

Dr. Tom Austin added: “To say that I am proud of my daughter is an understatement. She is an amazing, talented and intelligent person and will be a great asset to our profession. I am sure that Meghan’s great-great grandmother, Dr. Mabel Austin, who was the first generation of chiropractors in our family with her husband, Dr. Jay Austin, would also be proud–although it did take 100 years for another woman in the family to enter the profession!”

In January, Meghan and her husband, Jake, will welcome a potential sixth generation chiropractor into the world. “Since I never was pressured to go into chiropractic, I can’t see myself pushing my children to continue the tradition. For me, it was an easy choice. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a profession that promotes natural healing with the only tools being their hands? I definitely aspire to be as great a doctor as my father and the previous generations. I know I have some big shoes to fill–but at least I have genetics on my side!”

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