Ear Infections without antibiotics, what’s a child to do?

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Earlier today, we reported on a study published in the September 2006 issue of JAMA, regarding children’s ear infections and the use of antibiotics > > > Most Kids Ear Infections Healing without Antibiotics. The study basically concluded that most children suffering from ear infections do not require antibiotics since the body’s own defense mechanisms will resolve the problem naturally, when given time to heal. Interestingly, early in the day, some major news networks ran headlines that read similar to the following… “childhood ear infections may not require drugs for treatment.” Those headlines have since been replaced by one’s more specific to the often unnecessary use of antibiotics when treating ear infections rather than suggesting that children do not require drugs for ear infection treatment.

Here is a summary of some articles related to the topic as well as some resources located related to ear infections. Please note that major news sites typically kill off links to their news content after a few weeks. If that becomes the case, I suggest searching the entire title of the article to see if you can locate it elsewhere.

Articles related to children, antibiotics, and the JAMA study….

Fox News Network: Most Kids’ Ear Infections Can Heal Without Antibiotics (earlier in the day the same article had a title that read “Treating Kids’ Ear Infections May Not Need Drugs”
Fox News 28 (South Bend, IN): Most Kids’ Ear Infections Can Heal Without Antibiotics

CBS News: Best Ear Infection Treatment? Time
CBS News 5 (San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose): Treating Kids’ Ear Infections May Not Need Drugs

ABC News: For Kids’ Earaches, Patience Can Count as Much as Antibiotics
ABC News (New York-WABC): A new way to treat ear infections without medication

News from Australia (Herald Sun): Delay can stop ear infection drugs: study

Some Planet Chiropractic archived articles related to antibiotics:
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International Chiropractic Pediatric Association – ear infection related content…
Chiropractic Research — Ear Infection (Otitis Media) Peer Reviewed Journals
Listening with A Different Ear: Holistic Approaches to Ear Infections by Lawrence P. Palvesky, M.D.
http://www.icpa4kids.org/research/children/earinfections.htm (Additional Articles On Otitis Media)

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