Chiropractic Artwork Atlas and 1895 Flags

By Daria Belov

Pieces of art featuring images of human bones along with wings and obscure dates are not something you typically find in someone’s home or art gallery. The artwork I’m talking about is of a chiropractic nature, and there was lots of it featured throughout the halls of a recent chiropractic conference held in Orange County, California.

At the DCS California Jam chiropractic conference held on Saturday, April 26, there were a number of chiropractic art pieces displayed throughout the Orange County Performing Arts Center. Artwork ranged from illuminated models of human bones, nerves, and spinal discs, to large custom paintings of cervical vertebrae and red white and blue flags featuring bones positioned in the center.

The non-chiropractor passing by may have glanced at a painting, not knowing its significance, but chiropractors were gathered around admiring the beauty of the numerous pieces appearing throughout the facility. This piece pictured below, shows the first bone in the neck (the Atlas) centered on a blue background, with seven red and six white stripes, simulating an American flag. My thoughts when seeing this image was Chiropractic – Made in America

Atlas vertebrae American flag chiropractic artwork
Planet Chiropractic took a number of photographs while at the DCS event, and most can be viewed in a slideshow on the chiropractic blog pages. Some of the other images, such as this one of wide spreading wings with vertebrae can be viewed on our Flickr photo pages.

Another view of the image shown above, taken at a different angle, is available for viewing here.

The illuminating spines were supercool as they measured almost 3 feet tall, making them the same size as most human spines. They were handbuilt and included more than 100 different LED lights that turned a normal spine model into an animated piece of chiropractic artwork. An image of the illuminating spine can also be seen on the flicker photo pages, or in the slideshow.

Seeing artwork like this at a chiropractic conference was one more thing that set the event apart from anything else going on in the profession of chiropractic. The Saturday event was science, philosophy and art, in more ways than one. @ 9:23 pm | Article ID: 1210307048