Photos from 2008 OC Chiropractor Conference

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractors packed the house at the Performing Arts Center in Orange County, all day Saturday, April 26, 2008. Planet Chiropractic was there to capture photos of the event and conduct interviews with dozens of chiropractors (mostly from the state of California) that were in attendance. There will be multiple articles on the news pages and blog pages throughout this week, related to the DCS CalJam and other upcoming events. What a great time to be a chiropractor.

dead chiropractic society T-shirt(photo: chiropractor wearing a Dead Chiropractic Society T-shirt)

The first batch of photos provided by Planet Chiropractic have been uploaded to our chiropractic flickr account and are available for viewing and commenting. The photo set is titled DCS California Jam 2008 (click the link to view the set).

Among the photos are multiple images of chiropractors practicing in the California, Arizona, and Washington areas. There are some very cool photos showing chiropractic artwork, some chiropractors performing adjusting technique, groups of chiropractors gathered together for lunch, photos of the crowd inside the performing arts center, and photos from chiropractic vendor booths.

Some well-known chiropractic faces include Dr. George Khoury of Livermore, California, Dr. Carolyn Griffin of Santa Clarita, Dr. Terry Rondberg of The Chiropractic Journal, Dr. Patrick Gentempo of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, Dr. Fred Schofield, Dr. Bill DeMoss, Dr. Lawrence Clayman of Seattle, Washington, as well as many others.

This was quite an exceptional conference. There were dozens of vendors to support the show and more than a thousand chiropractors were in attendance. Many came to fulfill licensing requirements but the events were not presented in a bland and boring fashion. Spectacular videos were shown during intermissions (about vaccines, death from drugs, overdosing of America) and loud rock ‘n roll music (ala Black Sabbath) was played in the center and halls. I wouldn’t be surprised if this event was double or triple its size in 2009.

If you have a Firefox browser you can view a slideshow of the entire photo presentation here… Photo Slideshow DCS California Jam 2008.

The photos from the conference are available here. Get future chiropractic seminars and event information on the conference pages. @ 1:41 pm | Article ID: 1209328899

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