Real Estate Agent Using YouTube for Peterborough Chiropractor

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A real estate agent in Amherst, New Hampshire has done something unique when it comes to selling a chiropractic residence/practice. Like many other brokers and chiropractors selling practices online, he posted an advertisement to the chiropracticclassifieds (this link may be deleted after the office is sold, but you can view it here) pages on

Like the others, he included links to his web site, but he also did something I thought was quite creative. A video of the office and the community was created and posted on YouTube. A link is available to the YouTube video from the classified ad, but I decided to show it here in an effort to provide some creativity for those considering doing the same.

Here is the video in the form of a link, and I’ll also be providing it below, embedded into this post.


I liked the way the video starts from a satellite view. He talks about the area of Peterborough New Hampshire, describes the community, and talks about how many residents live in the area. The home office combination is on a beautiful piece of land, and there’s lots of video footage taking throughout the house, as well as outdoors.

The realtor is Harold “Buddy” Pope, and I think he’s done a great job showing us how one can promote their chiropractic office or property for sale online, using more than just text. I hoped to see more advertisements like this in the future.

2 thoughts on “Real Estate Agent Using YouTube for Peterborough Chiropractor”

  1. Hi Dr. Dorausch,

    Thanks for the mention of my video hi-liting my chiropractic listing in Peterborough, NH Since I have been on planetc1 with this link (and I see you have improved what I did in your blog in terms of providing a clear link to the video-thanks) I have seen my referrals to my website increase from regions of the country that normally are not that typical…so I beioeve I am getting the word out appropriately.

    I also have a GREEN home and a major HORSE FARM for sale right now in NH and have videos done for them as well. In the HORSE FARM video, the video is “narrated” by “Magic” a huge black stallion.

    I think the whole notion of what a REALTOR does is very misunderstood especially in these times of difficult markets and credit squeezes. Not only is there the normal aspects of REALTY, but there is also a LOT more marketing savvy required because of the Internet where 85% of all home searches start these days. The idea of driving around and seeing home after home after home with a buyer is pretty much a thing of the past. The narrowing process can be done online from a buyer’s POV and from the seller’s POV there are many many sites to be advertised on. Some companies are seeing the light and more and more the printed ad is becoming a relic.

    Again, so many thanks for noticing and remarking on what I have done. If you are ever inthe area of Southern NH please drop by and lunch is on me!

    Buddy Pope, REALTOR
    Better Homes & Garden Real Estate- The Masiello Group
    101 Ponemah Rd. Amherst, NH 0303
    (603) 673-3600 x216 or (preferred) (603) 562-5186

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