Fire it Up at DCS with Philosophical Comedy

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Dr. Brian Porteous & Dr. Terry Rondberg are upcoming speakers at the Dead Chiropractic Society Clubhouse, in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Porteous has published over one hundred articles in professional journals, and has made numerous presentations regarding “Patient Centered” healthcare to professional and lay audiences nationwide. His positive, entertaining and informative approach is a winning combination for patients and doctors.

Dr. Rondberg will explain the importance of congruency in all of your examinations and reports. Providing protocols for data collection and measuring outcomes and doing reassessments. How the diagnosis of vertebral subluxation improves quality of life, proving the value of your care in a wellness environment leading to the validation of CHIROPRACTIC.

Dead Chiropractic Society

$39.00 Pre-Pay or $59.00 at the door. Students only $20.00
Experience starts 8pm at DCS Clubhouse in Newport Beach, CA
For dates and details call DCS at (949)250-0600.

Other upcoming chiropractic events include:

Wednesday June 18, 2008 — Dr. Tim O’Shea — 8:00pm at DCS Clubhouse in Newport Beach, CA

Wednesday July 23, 2008 — Dr. Jon Baker — 8:00pm at DCS Clubhouse in Newport Beach, CA

Also… DON’T FORGET on April 26, 2008 — Approved for 17 hours of continuing education – The West Coast D.E.

“At the Beautiful Orange County Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa CA”

Famous chiropractic names such as: Chestnut, Schofield, Schiffman, Gregg, Gentempo, Plasker, Harte, Nikitow, Buerger, Tao, Porteous, and Demoss
For details call DCS at 949-250-0600

Fight The Real War On Drugs. Just Say No To Big Pharma And The Medical Cartel. Looking For A Few Good Kiros To Join The DCS Army Now! The DCS Experience. Are You Experienced?

Dead Chiropractic Society
20321 Birch Street, Suite 100 – Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 250-0600

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