Why People Come To You

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Your chiropractic office, your fashion designer shoe boutique, your electronics website, your NFL football offshore gambling blog, your local community parks and recreation center, why do people come to you? Sometimes it seems so obvious doesn’t it? One goes to the chiropractor for an adjustment, the fashion shoe store for shoes, and so on. We know that that’s not always the case. Maybe someone’s coming to a chiropractic office for a radiographic study of their wrist or nutritional counseling, never planning to have their spine touched. It’s one thing to know what people are seeking when they walk into your bricks and mortar business, it’s another to discover what people seek when visiting your website.

As is not uncommon at planetchiropractic.com, yesterday was a busy day for Internet traffic. There was the typical search traffic for chiropractic classified ads, January seminars, and even searches for Candice Michelle (GoDaddy Girl, WWE Wrestling Diva, and wife of Southern California chiropractor). But the big search that most people were seeking answers to on the morning of Martin Luther King Day was not related to any of those. Yes, people wondered if there chiropractor was going to be open that Monday morning (many offices were), but more importantly they wanted information regarding business hours for the United States Postal Service.

Why People Come To You - Search Keywords
(photo: a screenshot of search terms used Monday)

To suggest that I anticipated in advance that people would be searching for information about USPS holidays may be pushing it. The information I posted regarding postal holidays was done on New Year’s Day, and was a combined result of my former employment at UPS and my own thoughts that day regarding which holidays our chiropractic office would be closed in 2009 (our first chiropractic office holiday will be Memorial Day – May 25).

The screenshot image above shows 10 popular words (or phrases) people have been using during searches which resulted in them visiting some page on planet chiropractic. Reading through the terms we can see that four of the 10 are related to Postal Service holidays. Not results you would typically expect to see on a chiropractic log report.

Much to my surprise, searches for the 2010 Ford Mustang attract new visitors to the site every day. I sat in the Red Candy Mustang GT Coupe while at the LA auto show and I liked the car a lot. It also appears to be a very popularly searched vehicle model at this point. Hope that Ford Motor Company does well with its sales.

I had a point with this post so my apologies for rambling about things that may not seem to make sense. The point is that people may not always be looking for what you think they are. The 2009 Postal Holidays post was loaded with information regarding holiday post office hours, a 2009 FedEx holiday schedule, and a 2009 UPS schedule for holidays.

We’re glad to know that we can be of service to so many people for topics other than those directly related to chiropractic. In my mind they are closely related, because when the post offices closed, we tend to see an increase in what is called reactivates or patients that have not had a chance to make it to the office due to their normally busy schedules.

You don’t need to wait until in the next US postal holiday in order to see your local chiropractor. Now that MLK Day 2009 is done (as is the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States) it’s time to check your schedule on your next chiropractic point. Wednesday is a great day for an adjustment!

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