Five Fantastic Female Chiropractors

by Daria Belov

Mention chiropractors, and one is likely to draw up an image of a healthy, fortysomething year old male, who has built some impressive forearm muscles, as a result of years delivering hands-on care to his patients. But there is another chiropractor on the block, and she can deliver a solid side posture on a pro football linebacker like it’s no one’s business. Not only that, she lays her hands on the spine of a one-week old child, with a tender touch like that of the infant’s own mother. From the eastern shores of Halifax, Nova Scotia to the Western inlet of the San Francisco Bay, the demand for a caring and professional female doctor of chiropractic, is steadily on the rise in northern America.

(photo: Kathy McAuliffe & Carolyn Griffin, two spectacular ladies) I caught up with five fabulous females that lay their hands on the backs of members of their community, on a near daily basis. These are no fluffy massage therapists hoping to rub out what ails you, these ladies are magnetic, they are energetic, and they are among the best of the best, in hands-on healing.

There are thousands of great chiropractors practicing across North America, and a number of those in the top percentile on patient satisfaction care, are women. Find a female chiropractor that is turned on by the philosophy of the TIC, and a love for life, and you’ve got a woman that’s driven to do you and your family right. We”ll start with Columbia Illinois chiropractor, Kathy McAuliffe, a woman that’s healing intent is so strong, regulars don’t think twice about making the trek across the St. Louis state line along Interstate 255, to get to her office in Columbia, Illinois.

Head out to the west coast of northern California, and you’ll locate the Sacramento office of Dr. Jeri Anderson, centered right in the state’s capital. Chiropractor Jeri has years of experience and an incredible intensity for getting and keeping people well. Her office received some national news earlier this year with a ginormous event her and the office team put on related to auto safety. She’ll greet you with a smile on every visit, and once you get started your spine will be smiling too.

Jump back across the United States and land that big old jet airliner in Newark, New Jersey. You’ll be confident to know Jeanine Golden, Union chiropractor (that’s the city, not a labor union) has got a hands-on healing touch that is all her own. She’s a master at what she does and she does it with great heart.

There is Illinois, Sacramento, and New Jersey, time to set site on Southern California, and two female chiropractic power houses, that could potentially set off earthquake detection units, with their sheer energy. The Antelope Valley is chiropractic territory of Lancaster chiropractor, Suzanne Frye. To her kids, Dr. Frye may be known as the world’s best mom, but to her chiropractic community, she’s the woman that gets things done. This fantastic chiropractor has been turning up the power of Lancaster and Palmdale patients, for several years, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

California is not the kind of place you can travel many miles and not encounter a lot of people. There’s certainly room for more than one great female chiropractor in the southern portion of this sunny state. When it comes to voting and health care in the land of Magic Mountain, the vote for the best goes to Santa Clarita chiropractor, Carolyn Griffin. Dr. Griffin continues to receive top honors in local newspapers and readers polls, and there’s no doubt about her abilities to release one’s potential for greatness, in the way of whole body healing.

Yes, there are many women warriors delivering the goods, and educating the masses, to the benefits gained by receiving regular chiropractic care. If one of these fantastic five are not within your reach, get on the search for a chiropractor near you, and get moving forward on your pathway to better health. @ 10:04 pm | Article ID: 1189919098