Why My Dog Sees a Chiropractor

By Dr. Syd Dhillon, Chiropractor

As an intern at Chiropractic College, I was surprised to see an older dog that had suffered neurological damage after a stroke, as a regular patient in our clinic. The dog would walk in tight circles repeatedly. After witnessing a chiropractic adjustment, I was amazed to see ‘Duke’ start walking in a straight line immediately after an adjustment of its neck area.

You see Chiropractic is not just for humans. Nor is it just for ‘sick’ people. Each living organism is born with Divine Perfection within it. The full expression of this Perfection ensures that proper healing, among other things, is able to take place. While I may have been surprised to see a dog participating in the chiropractic adjustment process… I quickly understood why ‘Duke’ was there, and why I would see such changes after an adjustment.

The bodies’ own natural healing mechanisms are far greater than any we may try and substitute from the outside. There are countless chemical secretions occurring within all living organisms that assure the body is able to function perfectly. While doctors can guess as to what is wrong, what medicine is needed, in what dosage etc… the body always knows exactly what chemical secretion to start or increase, and exactly when to do it.

The expression of this Perfection occurs via the nervous system. The brain and all of the cells of the body are in constant communication. And as long as this is so, the body remains in a state of ease… every function within it occurring just as it is meant to.

Chiropractors find and remove interference within the nervous system, thereby restoring proper communication between the brain and body, and more importantly, allowing the bodies’ Perfection to express Itself fully.

Many have misunderstood Chiropractic to be a treatment for back and neck pain. Yes, back and neck problems do resolve with a great deal of regularity as a ‘side-effect’ of the chiropractic adjustment process. However there is an incredible array of conditions that have resolved after the Life Force has been freed to work Its’ magic. Chiropractic is not a treatment for these conditions, any more than it is for back and neck pain. It is quite simply a way to stay connected to the Divine Perfection within. When this Perfection is expressing Itself fully, all aspects of life improve, not just your health.

Last summer I adopted a beautiful little 12 week-old puppy. He started his Chiropractic adjustment process immediately. Why? Not because he was sick, or hurt, rather just so he could fulfill his potential for health, and life. So he could fully experience 100% of the life that God blessed him with.

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