Are you a Natural – Super CA’s Motivation

By Super CA Lynne Gawley-Hofstetter

Greetings Super CA’s:

Are you a Natural?

It’s 5:30 p.m. on a Wednesday night at “Fun Time Chiropractic”, your busiest time. Members of your Chiropractic Family fill the reception area. Most of them are in a hurry, anxious to get home for dinner. Some are still grumpy from a bad day and they don’t want to wait.

At the front desk, making appointments, handing out travel cards, collecting money, playing with kids, giving out stickers and answering questions is a big smile. Periodically answering the phone while still maintaining control of the front desk activity. Man, what a rush!

Sound impossible? It would be except that the chiropractic assistant is Super CA and she was born to be a CA. As a patient comes to the front desk, he’s greeted with a smile that would melt an ice block. Super CA gives that intense personal attention that dispels aggravation. Super CA is understanding when the patient can’t find his checkbook. She is forgiving when the patient explains that he is late because he got held up at work and asks him to take note that we have no clock in our reception area. As long as we are here you can come in. When she schedules the next appointment, she lets him know that his family is important as she asks whether his wife and children will be accompanying him. As he leaves, Super CA flashes a smile as she says “See you next Wednesday.”

When Super CA answers the phone, calling the chiropractic family member by name, (without even being told who they are) callers would think that she’s sitting behind a peaceful desk with no responsibility but to answer their calls. Super CA’s at their service while collecting money and pulling travel cards, (thank the powers that be and the good doctor for purchasing that headset). When they hang up, they feel special because Super CA has added the human touch. She wasn’t even trained to have the personal touch, it comes naturally.

Everyone wants that human touch, not just your chiropractic family members in a crowded reception area. The person on the telephone, your co-workers and your DC need it too.

When you’re having a busy day and patients are “in your face” with complaints or problems think of Super CA. Give your chiropractic family members the kind of personal attention they will remember for years to come and they will tell all their friends about. You may be the only friendly face they have seen all day.

The Super CA I am writing about is you. I give thanks for you everyday Super CA. We are all making a big difference!

I love you because you love what I love. Loving… serving… giving… Chiropractic is Life!!!
Until next time… Super CA Lynne @ 7:07 am | Article ID: 1065017240