Planting Seeds of Chiropractic Healing

by Dr. Robert J. Moore, Chiropractor

This article is commentary based on an article originally authored by Kim Painter which recently appeared in USA Today: Plant seeds of healing: Nature ‘makes you feel better’

In a 2005 Portland study, cardiac rehabilitation patients who visited a garden and worked with plants left with a lower heart rate and a better mood than those who attended a standard patient education class. Some other studies showed that patients feel a pleasant sense of escape and control when they are allowed to wander in gardens.

The studies suggest that there is a healing power in flowers, trees, fresh air and fragrant soil. Some studies reportdly found that strolling through a garden or, for that matter, seeing one out your window, can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and ease pain. It was shown that to simply get out there and start digging will multiply the benefits.

“It’s so basic,” says Joy Harrison, past executive director of the American Horticultural Therapy Association. “You go out and putter in the backyard, and it makes you feel better.”

From a chiropractic standpoint the studies are missing a key factor: spinal movement. When the spine moves in a balanced and relaxed manner many things happen that calms the body’s natural stress response. Add to this the relaxing mindset of God’s green earth and you have the mind-body connection.

Positive motion nerve impulses from the spine go to various parts of your brain. This lowers your blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, blood glucose, muscle spasms, anxiety and several other natural stress responses. This positive nerve supply allows you to think clearly, learn better, have a better outlook on life, heal faster and enjoy yourself.

It is funny how we keep looking outside ourselves for a cure for something that is inside. Maybe, if we focused on who we are and what we are capable of then we could be the healthy garden that other people see. @ 5:59 pm | Article ID: 1176782365