Chiropractors are Great Lovers of Life

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

La Jolla, CA: Nothing warms the heart like old love stories. While enjoying morning room service at the luxurious Hyatt Regency La Jolla I was reviewing Planet Chiropractic news articles related to the topic of love and service. I thought I’d find two or three articles from Valentines past, but that was not the case. Instead, I discovered dozens of articles by chiropractors (and chiropractic assistants) on topics ranging from a love for practice, a love for service, a love for life, and a love for each other.

I was at this hotel nearly 10 years ago, attending a Dynamic Essentials chiropractic extravaganza, and I find it heartwarming that I’m reviewing articles authored by many of the friends I made during that time. With Valentine’s Day approaching (it’s a week from today) I thought it would be fitting to revisit some of these articles of love and service.

chiropractor adjusting baby (photo: Dr. Edwin Cordero of Florida checking a young child for subluxation, while on a humanitarian mission trip to Costa Rica)

To Give To Love To Serve was posted to Planet Chiropractic in May of 2000. Twenty chiropractors from throughout the United States traveled to Costa Rica to provide chiropractic care to all those that desired it. Local chiropractors arrived from neighboring communities to assist in the humanitarian mission that included patient education classes taught in Spanish, chiropractic checkups, and chiropractic adjustments for all in need. Local gymnasium and University doors were opened to host the weeklong event, which brought chiropractic care to more than 30,000 people.

In May of 2004, Pennsylvania chiropractor Dr. Sharon Gorman told us she’s got Lots of Love in My Chiropractic Heart. I’ve spent a lot of time with this chiropractor, and she certainly does have a lot of love to share. Dr. Gorman tells us that when she is in a mindset of love, she gives lots of love, and lots of love comes right back at her.

Dr. Stew Bittman returned home to South Lake Tahoe California, from a chiropractic mission trip to the Dominican Republic, in November of 2002. His article, Fellow Administers of Love and Healing, reflects upon his experience of serving the people there. Most of his time during that experience was focused on providing chiropractic care to over 900 schoolkids, ranging from kindergarten through high school.

From Valentine’s Day in Ontario Canada 2001, comes an article from a super chiropractic assistant, Lynne Gawley-Hofstetter, boldly titled: I Love Chiropractic! Lynne shares a story of her experience with chiropractic care as the result of a baseball injury she had 12 years earlier. Her chiropractic adjustments provided an opportunity she was not expecting.

A collaboration post from Valentine’s Day 2006 included nine different messages from those Sharing the Chiropractic Love. Chiropractor Louis Corleto of New Jersey wrote: What I love most about TIC is its ability to assist people in re-membering who they truly are and allowing them to progressively express more of their essence.

Danita Thomas Heagy of St. Augustine Florida wrote: The miracles I get to witness each day are one of the best parts of being a chiropractor. Watching health unfold is like watching the sunrise over the ocean, magnificent and ever-changing. I love chiropractic because it makes a difference and changes so many lives each day.

It looks like I’ll be revisiting many of these articles of love and service throughout the next week, and as my cell phone rings I’m reminded of the people I am honored to serve this afternoon in Los Angeles, time to check out and get back on the road.

Many blessings to you and yours!

PS: If you ever visiting the San Diego area, this hotel is spectacular. Stay on an upper floor to enjoy some beautiful views.
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