Got lots of love in my chiropractic heart

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Got lots of love in my chiropractic heart. That’s my job. If all the spirituality that I have been practicing is working then the by product would be unconditional love and acceptance of all. Might not like them all yet I love them all. When I am in a mindset of love then I give lots of love and lots of love comes right back at me. Can’t out give the spirit. Don’t have to go at anything alone anymore. Try to avoid judging things right or wrong. How do I really know anyway. Takes up too much of my energy. Just need to be – and discipline myself enough to stay in the moment and to focus on love, not fear. No matter what is happening outside of me it can hardly shake the inner peace and serenity that I have acquired. My mood isn’t determined by any force outside of me. Can’t control other people or the circumstances of my life but I can choose to deal with life by acting and not reacting.

When I stay spiritually connected then my life seems to go much smoother. Don’t have as many highs or lows. Don’t seem to have as many crisis. Keep looking at the good that comes from it all. I know that I sound like an eternal optimist but it works and as my faith grows so does the abundance in my life. If you talk to people who aren’t in this frame of mind they think that there is something wrong with you. You seem odd. Most people determine their mood by the weather, how their children are behaving or the economy. Imagine having an inner strength and inner direction that surpasses circumstance. To me, that is what living an innate life means. I get more of whatever it is that I focus on and if I continue focusing on an abundant life and all that I have to be grateful for then my life becomes more abundant and I have more to be grateful for. Out of the abundance that I have created I can continue to be an instrument of God and effect the world in a positive way as a result of my service.

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Dr. Sharon Gorman practices in Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of LIFE Chiropractic college in Marietta, Georgia. @ 3:33 pm | Article ID: 1083710014