Success in Chiropractic Practice – What Does it Take?

Bob Simmonetti, D.C.
(From the 34th Principle)

There are many ingredients needed to be successful in chiropractic practice. Some are related to character traits, others to business acumen and to a great degree your success in practice will be determined by how you view your role in our health care system.

After being in practice for nineteen years plus I am not naive enough to think that this article will be so extensive that it will cover all that “it takes” to build a thriving, fun and profitable practice. However, success leaves clues and there is definitely proven factors which must be present to build a prosperous practice. My desire is to break down these factors in a series of articles and help to insure your success in practice. So here we go!

Before you ever open your doors the most important single factor which will determine your success or failure is how do you view your role as a doctor of chiropractic. Do you see yourself as a pain relief specialist? Do you see yourself as a musculoskeletal rehabilitation specialist? Most chiropractors state that they do not treat symptoms and that they correct the cause of health problems. This is a good thing because society is fed up with the medical approach that specializes in treating symptoms and conditions. In fact our society is rapidly moving towards and will demand a health care system that emphasizes wellness and prevention.

It would behoove you, the upstart practitioner, to view yourself as a “health coach”. That is, you should be knowledgeable of all of the proper lifestyle choices to promote health and at the same time you should not hold yourself out as someone who treats conditions with any of these lifestyle choices or any other adjuncts. You see treating conditions or symptoms is a losing proposition for the doctor of chiropractic for several reasons, foremost because of the aforementioned trend in society. The other reason is because medicine does it quicker and better. Another often-overlooked reason is that treating symptoms or conditions is not chiropractic.

The doctor of chiropractic should imbue and teach healthy lifestyle choices. At the center of the lifestyle choices is having a nerve system free of interference. This must be the most important lifestyle choice emphasized by the doctor of chiropractic. It is not something to be considered only after symptoms or a condition exists. Would you consider eating good foods only after you were fifty pounds overweight and had stomach pains? Keeping my three children’s spines functioning free of subluxation is what I do before they have a “condition” develop. Keeping spines in my office free of subluxation is one critical factor that will determine my success in practice. If my emphasis is on treating symptoms or a condition, once it is gone so is the patient.

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