Chiropractic History Month 2007 with Most Jailed Chiropractor

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

September is chiropractic history month. This weekend Planet Chiropractic has posted four chiropractic video segments featuring Herbert Ross Reaver, the “most jailed” chiropractor of the 1900s, to a planetchiropractic YouTube account.

You should be able to view the first video here and the rest are available via links below. The following is some commentary with Herbert Ross Reaver, transcribed from the video…

You guys represent where we are and where we’re going, I represent where we came from and how we arrived here. There’s an old saying when a professional body neglects to remember its history, history tends to repeat.

I guess when I’m gone it will be up to historians to surmise what it was like to practice this profession of ours in the old days. We were despised, we were publicly humiliated, investigated, hounded, and they used entrapment on us. Innumerable trials and arrests, and convictions, and for some of us, prison.

Dr. Reaver was asked what it was like in jail…

For those reading this via an RSS feed, Chiropractic History with Herb Reaver is your video link.

In one of the four videos Dr. Reaver was asked about Clearview and Forest Park. Both Clear View Sanitarium and Forest Park were mental health facilities that included chiropractic adjustments as a clinical service. Forest Park Sanitarium was located in Davenport, Iowa and was once called the Chiropractic Psychopathic Sanitarium. Clear View Sanitarium was established in 1926 and was acquired by the Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1951.

Here is the video with Dr. Reaver’s answer… Chiropractic Prisons Sanitariums Reaver

The second part of that video can be viewed here… Chiropractic for Prisoners and Correctional Officers

The last of the four videos features Dr. Reaver’s wife Millie telling a story about chiropractic and professional baseball players, and an attempt on her husband’s life.

Who would hire people to beat this chiropractor to death and why would they do such a thing? Watch the video to find out…

RSS readers can visit Chiropractor Left for Dead for a video link.

Herbert Ross Reaver died on Monday, February 7, 2000. He had been in chiropractic practice for more than 70 years and was actively seeing people in his Cincinnati, Ohio office the Friday before his death.

This video would not have been available if not for the hard work and dedication of Dr. Ron Oberstein and the International Chiropractors Association. @ 8:31 pm | Article ID: 1189395138