Retracing… Another Word for Healing

By Super CA Jackie

Super CA Lynne recently had a great article entitled, “What is Retracing.” Some new patients stop care when they experience retracing. How scared are they now? They were hesitant about “Chiropractic Wellness” in the first place. They are under care for a short time and feel better, but still aren’t sure where this is all going. Then one day they walk in and express to the CA how lousy they feel. They will tell you how their ailments, old injury pains and symptoms have returned and gotten worse. Patients will also tell you they are not sure if this Chiropractic method of “Wellness” is for them. They may even question if the Chiropractic adjustments are “hurting” them.

This can be a crucial time for patients. Retracing must be correctly explained to them. Patients must understand that it’s normal and a part of healing. We don’t want them confused or frightened away from care. Some patients are aware when they are retracing and some aren’t. Keep a close watch on their care schedules! Have they been canceling their appointments? Do they have excuses why they can’t reschedule an appointment? Are they cutting back their schedule? (Don’t assume it may be a financial or insurance issue. That would be a cow’s thot! Charge! Be a Rhino and find out why they are slipping away!) If you notice this pattern or if patients confide to you how they are feeling bring it to the Chiropractor’s attention! Now, it’s up to the Chiropractor to explain to them about the phenomenon of retracing! (Also, give them a copy of the article, “What is Retracing.”)

We will always have new patients and old patients that are chronic complainers. (Yet we love them all the same!) They never have a good day and aren’t happy unless they complain. Patients can’t wait to tell you their finger nail hurts and what their “symptom of the day” is. You have to be aware of when it’s a regular complaint or something good happening like retracing.

I remember what a bumpy road it was for my friend, Super CA Debbie when she retraced panic attacks. They lessened when she first started care. Then she started calling me with concerns that the adjustments weren’t helping anymore. She was discouraged about care because the panic attacks returned full force. (I had my work cut out for me with this referral!) There were days I had to talk her into getting adjusted. She dreaded the adjustments during this time. Her words to me were, “Why am I getting worse? Soon after I am adjusted, I get a panic attack.” It was time for me to explain to Debbie about retracing. (If I didn’t hear from her, I knew enough to call her to say hi!) I always reassured her that retracing the panic attacks were a part of healing and they would become “symptoms” of her past. If I didn’t reinforce her during this period of healing, she would have stopped care. I kept encouraging her by saying, “You must keep getting adjusted! Don’t cut back your care schedule! The more you are adjusted the faster you will heal! Trust me!” She did and in due time panic attacks became a part of her Chiropractic healing story that she continues to share with others! Why did I support my friend to keep getting adjusted? The answer is simple; I knew she wanted to be better. I promised Debbie that Chiropractic adjustments would help her. She became my greatest retracing challenge that I wouldn’t let quit!

It’s sad when patients fall through the cracks because of retracing. When you’re aware this may be happening to patients, continue to speak Chiropractic to them with faith and authority. Most important is for the CA’s and Chiropractors to communicate about patients’ healings and complaints. Good communication among all staff members allows patient volume to grow and will change one life at a time!

When patients start to complain to you smile and say, “GREAT, I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE HEALING!” (Now be prepared to start explaining what you just said!)

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Dr. Fred Schofield has a great pamphlet on Retracing. I’m not sure how much a package is but you can call the office at 800 554-3260 and ask for more info. We give these to all our new patients on their second visit. – Dr. Mike @ 11:38 am | Article ID: 1083782300