South African Chiropractor Celebrates 30 Years in US

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

30 years ago Friday, March 21, 1978, a young South African named Fred Schofield arrived in the United States to pursue his goal of becoming a chiropractor in America. Since that 1970s spring day, he has touched the lives of millions, providing chiropractic care to thousands of residents in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and teaching hundreds of chiropractors worldwide methods to deliver quality chiropractic care in their communities.

chiropractor Fred Schofield demonstrating sacral spine analysis(photo: Dr. Fred Schofield demonstrating sacral spine analysis during a chiropractic conference in Scottsdale Arizona.)

A professional rugby player playing for the country of Italy, the hard-working and dedicated young athlete arrived in America in 1978. Rugby is no easy sport, and Fred’s body was feeling the effects of several years of hard training. He has often told the story of when a chiropractor came to visit his rugby team, delivering that magical chiropractic adjustment which changed his life forever. The son of a medical doctor in Cape Town, Dr. Fred knew he wanted to pursue a career in health care, and he chose chiropractic.

Fred attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa, where he met his wife Susan. After his graduation from chiropractic college, they moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Together they have raised three fine children (one is currently attending Palmer) and have operated a Phoenix-based chiropractic office for nearly 25 years.

Besides serving thousands in the communities of Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, and surrounding areas, Dr. Fred has helped educate chiropractors from all over the world. The husband-and-wife team has operated a program known as Schofield Chiropractic Training for some 23 years, effectively providing the mortar that has joined together hundreds of dedicated chiropractors, that seek to live their lives to the fullest. The business is known as MoChihChu which translates as moving forward without hesitation.

I have had the good fortune of being one of those chiropractors, and I’m not alone. Here’s just a few comments from others in the profession…

Dr. Fred told me in 1990 that to be a champion I had to train like a champion, and I’ve done so with Dr. Fred and Susan as my coaches for the past 17 years. Why? Because I wanted to live an awesome life; not experience only temporary success, but to be a champion for my whole life. — Dr. Laurie Robert Mestdagh

Training is something you do all the time. Whether it’s for family, physical, financial goals or for whatever you want to accomplish in life. — George Khoury, D.C.

My practice has transformed, but more importantly, I have transformed. I look forward into going into our office each day. I serve the greatest patients and work with the greatest staff. The energy just flows and there is peace and quiet confidence in what each day will bring. I am blessed beyond words. — Dr. Jeri Anderson

Dr. Fred has been in Planet Chiropractic press before, with mentions of his talks on chiropracTIC and his continued support for the Palmer Rugby Alumni Association.

Even after so many successful years in practice of chiropractic, Dr. Fred and Susan continue to give back. He is speaking to students at Logan college later this month, he is a featured speaker at an April DCS chiropractic event in Southern California, and he is speaking at homecoming (Lyceum) for Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in May. There are also his SCT training events, such as SCT April Las Vegas 2008.

Three cheers to Dr. Fred Schofield and his continued drive towards excellence in life and chiropractic. Hip, Hip, Hooray! Hip, Hip, Hooray! Hip, Hip, Hooray! @ 9:23 pm | Article ID: 1206073450