Phoenix Chiropractor is Talking the TIC

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’ve just returned home from another weekend in Phoenix, Arizona. I like hanging out with other chiropractors. Even more so, I like hanging out with other like minded chiropractors. Even more so than that, I like having what I call DE Moments.

Years ago, when I used to attend Dynamic Essentials, I would have many DE moments. These were periods of time, some very short and some lasting for days, where creative ideas, thoughts, and inspirations would flow through me. It’s difficult to describe these experiences. They were Matrix like, in a sense I could see the “code” of a particular thought, action or activity. Planet Chiropractic was one of those “codes” I saw. Anyone who has attended DE for any period of time knows what I am speaking of. There are as many different ways to describe the feeling as there are people who have experienced it. In some ways, the adjustment is like that, but that is another article.

He may never speak of it, but Dr. Fred Schofield has been keeping alive the principles of DE through his (and his wife Susans) monthly Schofield Chiropractic Trainings. I am not suggesting comparisons of DE to the work Fred Schofield does, they are very different things. I am saying he is one of the few who is consistent in standing up for the chiropractic principle. It has been dozens of times now that I have heard Dr. Fred speak up and interject when someone would use the word “treatment” as a representative term for a chiropractic adjustment.

It may mean nothing to you but it does to me, and I believe it does to others. What I admire most is that Dr. Schofield does not act or say things based on what others may or may not think. That was made clear to me once again Friday night when without hesitation he reminded a crowd of chiropractors that the fluff in chiropractic means nothing. The fluff being anything other than an adjustment given to correct subluxation.

B.J. Palmer said Chiropractic was a sacred trust and was to be guarded well. There can’t be just one guard, we have collective work to do.

There has to be some that feel if he would just be quite, if he would just not speak out, if he would just look the other way, everyone would be happier. Not the case for me. In fact, I would have long abandoned the “Trainings” and gone searching for something else. To me, his actions say something about integrity and honor.

This is no advertorial, it is an observation made by the author that quite honestly, has been far too long in being addressed. I don’t know how many chiropractors are out there that miss that “code seeing” experience. There are those that have never even had that experience, can you imagine that?

Dr. Fred Schofield - ChiropractorIf you are going to train with Dr. Fred, expect some discipline. If you are a whiner and require a binky, that can be supplied for you. When I say “train” I mean work on yourself to improve who you are. Work on yourself to improve your relationship with others, especially your family. Work on yourself to improve your relationship with your people you serve. That can be patients, practice members, bosses, co workers, etc… Whatever it is, chance are you can do it better. Fred Schofield has a twenty four year track record in helping many to achieve these things.

Why am I telling you this? I will admit I have a selfish motive. On Saturday I was having great conversation with two chiropractic folks. I was talking about a new office idea I had and one showed me a piece of paper he had just written on, it was the same idea. The DE moment was in action. I miss that. I miss hanging out with friends and having the universe unfold on us. Some won’t understand this, some think I’m a kook (that again is another article), and some may just decide to come hang out with us in the desert sometime. Let’s talk some TIC.

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Dr. Michael Dorausch maintains an active practice in the Los Angeles / Playa Vista area.
Dr. Fred Schofield has put on monthly chiropractic trainings for twenty four years.
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