To Give To Love To Serve

Today, May 31, 2000, marks the final day of the first CREW chiropractic mission to Costa Rica. Adjusting began on Monday May 22nd and the last day of adjusting was on Saturday May 27th.

Twenty chiropractors from across the United States closed their offices or brought in other DCs to cover their practices while they attended the population in Costa Rica. These individuals gave, loved and served out of their own abundance with no expectations. Along with the DCs were some of the worlds greatest chiropractic assistants that came to ensure that the chiropractors focused on what they do best.

The response from the chiropractic community in Costa Rica was absolutely incredible. Approximately one third of Costa Rica’s chiropractic profession turned out to assist and support the mission.

The local DCs assisted in adjusting, language translations, and patient education classes, which were held throughout the week. A local chiropractor reported seeing more than double the volume of her busiest day ever in her office on her first day back in the office, the day after she returned from the mission.

At last count, it was estimated that more than thirty thousand people came out to receive the magnificent gift of chiropractic. The energy in Costa Rica was strong and the folks were fantastic.

The group of DCs and CAs attending were a Chiropractic Dream Team. Spanish patient education classes of principled chiropractic were given to thousands. The chiropractors attending were incredible in their upper cervical technique with each DC averaging more than ten years adjusting experience and many having been on three or more missions to Panama.

I don’t recall ever seeing one chiropractor slowing down to watch another adjust but when you viewed the group from a distance, they appeared as a symphony orchestra that had been preparing for the worlds greatest musical performance. It was the music of life and everyone was perfectly in tune.

The people of Costa Rica that came out serve were equally incredible. The Lions Club International played a vital role as well as did the Universidad Interamericana. @ 9:02 pm | Article ID: 959832132

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