Randy Bachman Canadian Chiropractic Tour

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Rock ‘n roll and chiropractic are two things I’m really passionate about, and it appears I’m not alone. “My crew is calling this the Canadian chiropractic tour!” was the tweet sent out last night from the twitter profile of rock and roller Randy Bachman. Bachman and crew are on a summer rock ‘n roll tour of Canada, with chiropractors playing the role of pit crew.

My crew is calling this the Canadian chiropractic tour!
My crew is calling this the Canadian chiropractic tour!

Randy Bachman’s twitter bio page reads… “Rock is My Life”. Thank God for Randy and other rock and rollers like him, they bring us the music that makes our summers ever so more special. Whether you grew up in North America or Canada, chances are your cranked up summer rock ‘n roll tunes included songs written and performed by Randy Bachman.

Bachman was the lead guitarist, songwriter and a founding member for both the 1960s-70s rock band The Guess Who, and the 1970s rock band Bachman-Turner Overdrive (often referred to as B-T-O). He has recorded numerous solo albums, and at age 65, he’s still rocking out with a Gibson Les Paul guitar.

In his tweet shown above Randy suggests chiropractors are like pit crew mechanics, keeping his body running like a well tuned racecar. I find that’s a fitting analogy. Just as Randy can strum on that awesome Les Paul guitar and know if its out of tune (even if only slightly), a well-trained chiropractor can do the same for the human frame. It’s all about tone and tuning is a chiropractors specialty.

Had great day. Chiropractor is Calgary is abfab.

Last night in Alberta, Bachman and band played the Saddledome (along with special guest Booker T). Calgary chiropractor, Dr Jaime Miceli (of Miceli Family Chiropractic), provided chiropractic care for that event, providing the adjustments to allow Randy to dance around stage and put on a great performance.

Dr. Mike DesSaulniers from WPG!

I wasn’t at all surprised to see that when Randy Bachman was in Kelowna, the chiropractor that came out to adjust him and the crew was Dr. Mike Desaulniers. The Desaulniers have a rich family history in chiropractic, with service minded attitudes, and lots of great Desaulniers chiropractors practicing throughout Canada and North America.

Randy Bachman is performing tonight in Edmonton, Alberta, and I don’t know who they have lined up for chiropractic care at that venue. If you’re a chiropractor practicing in Canada, I’d suggest you do two things. 1) Check the Randy Bachman Summer Canadian Tour schedule online and purchase tickets to support the tour. 2) If the tour is playing at a venue near you, consider getting in contact with the band and volunteer your services as chiropractor for that tour location.

Remember, you cannot out give the giver, and the rewards gained from volunteering services to those visiting your community, far outweigh the perceived hassles of getting out of your comfort zone and serving others.

This coming Saturday, June 27, Bachman Cummings will be performing at the Magnetic Hill Music Festival in support of Bon Jovi, another rock ‘n roll performer who loves getting chiropractic care while on the road.

Quite a few chiropractors across North America and Canada have organized unofficial volunteer networks for providing chiropractic care to musicians on the road. Having grown up playing rock ‘n roll onstage myself, I believe every touring rock band should have a solid chiropractic pit crew, to provide those fine tuning adjustments before every rock ‘n roll tour performance.

Visit the Randy Bachman website and follow him on twitter. We’ll be watching for more of Randy’s Canadian Chiropractic Tour tweets!

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