Focus Philosophy Day Saturday August 8th

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Time to get together and get focused! There is a Focus Philosophy Chiropractic Weekend taking place in Pennsylvania on the weekend of August 8th. That’s a Saturday, for those of you that haven’t checked your calendar yet, and I’m thinking about making a flight from Los Angeles, because I love Focus Philosophy events.

Focus Philosophy Weekend
photo : from the Focus Philosophy Weekend archives – Ron as master of ceremonies
Here’s the details, these events aren’t only for chiropractors, but they are chiropractic focused events. I wish everybody across the United States had opportunities to attend weekend events put together like this by Dr. Sharon Gorman, family and friends. Been too long since it West Coast Focus Philosophical Fellowship has taken place.

Focus takes place on a Saturday, beginning at 3 PM going through until 10 PM. There’s going to be a dinner break from 6 to 8 PM and there’s an incredible lineup of speakers planned. Names on the list include Sharon Gorman, Jay Handt, Michael O’Halleran (big guns O’Halloran), Leo Beloyianis, Howard Werfel, Gary Stewart, Anita Morgenstern and Craig Nugent.

Amazingly, no pre-registration will be offered. The suggested fee is $49 for each doctor, or $99 for your entire family and/or staff. I could pretty much fly there from California, book a hotel, and pay for the event, for less than I can attend some chiropractic events on the West Coast.

Also, Focus Philosophy has a new location (even more reason to go check it out). The August focus will be at the Great Wolf Lodge which is located at 1 Great Wolf Drive, Scotrun, PA 18355 ( Rooms start at $289.95 and you can call 570-688-9899 for more information. Be sure to check out the hotel website, the place looks terrific.

There is even alternative lodging at the Howard Johnson’s in Bartonsville Pennsylvania (I stayed there in the past and it works just fine) at a rate of $89 a night. For the Howard Johnson’s hotel be sure to call 570-424-6100 for your room reservations.

An optional buffet dinner will be offered at the hotel for $25. Just so you guys in Pennsylvania now, that’s about what we pay for a latte and a couple of lox on bagels here in Southern California, for our Sunday morning breakfast.

Dr. Sharon Gorman tells me the Great Wolf Lodge is a huge indoor/outdoor water park. They are offering discount water park tickets for $30, so you can enjoy a family day if you choose! The hotel also has a huge arcade for kids to play in.

Think you’ll be attending this event? For more information I’d suggest you call Dr. Sharon Gorman at 570-350-4091. Tell her the Duck Man of California is hoping to come over for breakfast.

Some Focus history — Focus Chiropractic was created in 1989 by Dr. Sharon and Ron Gorman. They felt the need to meet regularly with other chiropractors to celebrate, grow and share their love of the chiropractic principles and their application.

Focus Chiropractic seeks to bring the brightest, most fresh and passionate speakers together. Focus will be held four times a year, in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to connect with fantastic chiropractors, have fun and become more focused on chiropractic.

Focus Board Members — Michael Bauer, Gena Bofshever, Thomas Braun, Jennifer Finn, Bryn Gillow, Sharon Gorman, Jay Handt, Mel Rosenthal, Carl Shulze, Andy Smith, Brian Solofsky, Kim Stetzel, Gary Stewart and Jeff Yadlowski. @ 1:49 pm | Article ID: 1245876603