Chiropractic Team Cares for New York’s Homeless

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There’s something about those New York chiropractors. Like others living in New York, we tend to paint them as abrasive and hard-edged, with a penchant for taking care of business in a swift and timely matter. A chiropractic adjustment delivered in a New York minute may differ greatly from a West Coast chiropractors hour and 45 minute wellness session, which may or may not include valet parking of ones Range Rover and a preparation of H2O infused with imported minerals, intended to improve cellular function (and introduce patients to the mlm downline). But not all New York chiropractors have the on screen personality of Bruce Willis, many I have met live with their hearts and soul immersed in dedication to serving a principle that BJ Palmer called “the biggest idea I know.” One such chiropractor was featured in yesterday’s edition of the New York Times and it reminded me of that loving and giving spirit so many left coasters truly possess.

Dr. Anita Morgenstern - New York chiropractorDr. Anita Morgenstern and others from her team of New York chiropractors were featured yesterday in the City Room section of the New York Times blog, with a story about chiropractors providing relief to those in New York’s homeless community. The article, A Chiropractic Touch for Aching Homeless Backs, reminded me of Dr. Morgensterns mission to provide chiropractic care to humanity.

There’s no way to embed the four-minute video featuring Dr. Morgenstern so please visit the Times blog to view it. According to the Times article, Chiropractic for Humanity began nearly 10 years ago, after Dr. Anita learned about the soup kitchen at the Church of St. Francis Xavier from a patient who worked there.

It had been seven years since Planet Chiropractic last featured an article regarding Dr. Anita’s backyard missions and it is inspirational to see that she apparently hasn’t slowed down in delivering the goods.

Morgenstern isn’t the only chiropractic hero of New York (but she is today’s shining star), a brief search through PC archives returns results for NY chiropractors such as Michael O’Halleran, Paul Roses, Mark Guarino, Jay Handt, Bob Tarantino (OK, he’s from New Jersey but close enough), and others.

A New York-based freelance journalist named Jonathan Schienberg did a spectacular job with both the article and video featuring Dr. Anita Morgenstern and her mission of serving New York and all of humanity.

Chiropractic office contact information for Dr. Morgenstern and other New York chiropractors is available for those seeking providers of chiropractic care practicing within the State of New York. @ 12:10 am | Article ID: 1216797047