Healing At “Ground-Zero”

Michael O’Halleran, D.C.

Let me first start by stating that I am honored to be a Chiropractor serving God’s people. I was joined Saturday morning by Pennie Schwartz, Gary Stewart and Nick Virgilio to go on mission two to “Ground-Zero” at the World Trade buildings. We met just before dawn to be transported to the sight of Tuesday’s tragic attack.

There was an awkward, nervous quietness as we approached our destination. We were within yards of “Ground-Zero.” We weren’t sure where to set up camp so we wandered up and down the blocks looking for a location until we found our spot. It was in full view of tower seven and a pathway of rescue personal. I am sure authorities would have preferred us in there “Triage area” with the other medical staff but our vision was bigger.

We opened our portable tables, asked God to “send us all the people we could handle” and he did. Hundreds of rescue personal from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Chicago, Florida and just about every other state you could name were there to help. The look of pain, fear and disbelief on there faces was slowly erased as they received there adjustments. Some smiled, some hugged, and others didn’t say a word, but that was alright because our purpose was to serve God by serving man. There was a bond that you can’t put in words, when people from all walks of life come together for one cause.

As our day progressed you began to feel a peace settle in our “little-camp,” a safe-haven where rescue personal could come be adjusted, feel love, smile and know that things were going to be alright. Chiropractic is so much bigger than we could ever imagine, it brought healing to the most tragic event in U.S. history. As we quietly packed up our tables and reflected on the days events, I was reminded of what a rescue worker from Connecticut said, “today you guys are my heroes”. THANKS CHIROPRACTIC! God Bless!

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