Chiropractic Makes The Brain Work Better

By Dr. Sten Ekberg

Pain relief is a side effect. Take a minute to think about this.

If the brain and nervous system regulate all function in the body – which it does, and if pain is a useful signal from your body to you that something isn’t quite right, which it is, then it stands to reason that the only way to create pain relief is to either make the brain and nervous system work better or to make the brain ignorant of the pain signal.

functional neurology chiropractic
Drugs block the pain signal and thus keep the brain ignorant of the problem, allowing the problem to grow and express itself through other avenues.

Chiropractic also creates pain relief but does not use drugs and does not block the pain signal; consequently chiropractic must achieve its pain relief by making the brain work better.

This kind of chiropractic is called functional neurology and the beauty of what it can accomplish is of course that if the pain relief is merely a side effect or a bonus of making the brain and body work better, then the benefits are not limited to pain relief. That’s just the tip of the ice berg.

Further more, I’m sure you have heard that drugs have side effects and that they warn you from taking pain killers if your liver is compromised. That’s because if you have a weak liver the drugs can finish it off. That is not a good thing even for the healthiest of liver. Chiropractic on the other hand is extremely safe and the side effects are of the kind that are good for you and your liver.

Foot note: If anyone tells you chiropractic is not safe, ask them why it is then that insurance companies, who are in business to make money, will write a malpractice insurance policy for a chiropractor at about one 50th the cost of what they charge a medical doctor.

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